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07 January, 2012

Taco Bell Doritos's Locos Taco

Last week I was downtown and really hungry so I decided to stop off at a Taco Bell. As I drove up I saw this sign in the window about the New Doritos's Locos Taco. I hadn't heard of it so when I got in I asked about it.

They described it to me as a regular taco but the shell was 100% Doritos's Nacho Cheese Chips.

It was amazing. The shell was a little flimsy but they thought of that and give you a taco holder so all the nacho cheese from the chip shell wont come off on your fingers.

It tasted pretty good. All the same wonderfulness from a Taco Bell taco and all the cheesy flavor of a Doritos's chip.

Check out all their wonderful tacos at http://www.tacobell.com/


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