23 December, 2011

Deano's Jalapeno Chips

I was sent a few bags of Deano's Jalapeno chips this weekend. I got  Ranch, Sea Salt, and Cheddar. I tried a few of each. I have to admit I don't normally like spicy things but it was good. The ranch was my favorite. It has a really hot aftertaste but it was worth it. These chips are not for wimps! I tried them alone at first and ended up drinking a bunch of milk to keep my mouth from catching on fire! Then I tried the ranch with some chicken and it was so good that I couldn't stop eating it, even though it was burning my mouth. Delicious! Check out their site: http://www.deanosjalapenos.com/
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Fried Twinkies and Vanilla Ice Cream

So I had my first ever fried twinkie last week. I swear, it was the best dessert I have ever had. It came with vanilla ice cream and 3 twinkies. I was skeptical but I had heard so many things that I knew when I saw it, I was getting it. I took my first bite and was amazed. It tasted like what I imagine the baby of a twinkie and a funnel cake would taste like. I am telling you, if you ever have the chance to have one, take it.If you take a bite with the ice cream it gives it a dynamic creamy texture. It was amazing.
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15 December, 2011

McDonald's New Holiday Pie

During the winter, restaurants are known for making new and holiday themed food or drinks. This year I thought I would try one of them.

I went to McDonald's today and  got one of their Holiday Pies in Vanilla. I had two friends who had given me two completely different reactions so I thought I would try it myself.

In a festive confetti looking outside was a vanilla cream. The vanilla was less than good. Not horrible but still not quite as yummy as I would have hoped. The outside was very bland and not sweet at all. It was also flaking and not soft at all.

I took 3 bites and offered it to a friend who also denied it. I ended up throwing half of it away and I will never be trying one of them again. It may not have been bad tasting but it had no taste at all.
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11 December, 2011

Creamy Spicy Chicken Ramen

I went grocery shopping with a friend last week. We got to discussing his Church Mission that he went on for 2 years and about what they ate. The church had a low budget for food so there was a lot of ramen being eaten. My friend then told me about this interesting idea that they had for making it less bland and ordinary.

They took a can of Cream of Chicken soup and mixed it with a small scoop of mayonnaise and hot sauce. They they put this "sauce" on top of cooked Ramen.

It was delicious! The sauce was so thick and creamy. I put 4 Mild Del Taco hot sauce packets just to give it a zing but you can add as much or as hot of salsa you want. It was so filling I couldn't even finish my bowl but it was so good, I wanted to.

This had to be one of the cheapest meals I have ever made too! And so easy. Cook and prep time was less than 5 minutes altogether.

This was surely the oddest meal I have ever concocted but I know I will be having it again and again.
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Carl's Jr. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Oreos are undoubtedly one of the best cookies ever made in my opinion. They have been universally used in many deserts such as pies, cakes, and of course ice cream.

Carl's Jr. has come out with a new variation. An ice cream sandwich with actual Oreos as the top and bottom. I was so excited to see this! So I went out and got myself one of the sandwiches.

I can honestly say, it was underwhelming. It was smaller than I expected and the ice cream was bland. I am not sure what I thought it would taste like but it was far less than what I had imagined.

So, yes, it was good and tasted just like an Oreo on ice cream. But that's about it.
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