30 October, 2011

Wheat Thins Smokey BBQ

For me, a Wheat Thin topped with a thin slice of cheddar has always been a great snack. Stack some sandwich meat and another Wheat Thin on top of that and you have a mini sandwich! It’s perfect for a picnic, a day at a fair or just going out.

 However, I was surprised recently to find out Wheat Thins, like most other cracker and chip companies, are trying their hand in the flavoring department. I noticed the box of “Smokey BBQ” Flavored Wheat Thins. Intrigued, I got a box to try them out.

Honestly? It has that same crunch of a Wheat Thin and it has the same powdery BBQ flavoring as most chips do, but when put together it has a less than satisfying taste. The BBQ flavoring tasted very similar to Barbequed Lays Chips but unfortunately for the Wheat Thin, it is not a potato chip. I was left with a salty mouth and not happy with the experience.

And one thing for sure about these BBQ crackers…I would not enjoy them with a slice of cheese.

Check out Wheat Thins online: http://www.nabiscoworld.com/wheatthins/
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