27 April, 2010

Deep Fried Oreo Cookies

Seen at Mermaids Casino, Fremont Street, Las Vegas.
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19 April, 2010

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Bacon Poppers

I was visiting some friends last night, and one of them made these baked jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon.

I never had these before, nor even thought about doing this. But seeing that I'm really into spicy foods these days, I was intrigued.

I'm sorry the photos below are of a poor quality, but I only had my cell phone camera.

1. Slice several jalapenos in half, and scoop out the seeds

2. Filled the slices with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

3. Using toothpicks, attach small slices of bacon.

4. Bake in an oven at 400 degrees for about 15-30 minutes, depending on how crispy you like the bacon.

Baking the jalapenos tend to make them less spicy. I didn't really find these to be all that hot, but still very delicious.

cream cheese filled jalapenos

jalapeno cream cheese poppers

jalapeno cream cheese bacon

cream cheese stuffed jalapenos

baked jalapenos with bacon
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02 April, 2010

1st Annual Jerky Challenge

Wanted to let everyone know that I'll be participating as a judge via my other food blog, "Best Beef Jerky". Here's the official press release....

Do you make jerky that you think out rivals the store bought variety?

Do you think your jerky is the best you have ever tired?

Do you think if there were a jerky competition you would win it?

Now you have your chance to prove yourself. Best Beef Jerky is teaming up with Peppers and More, I Love It Spicy, Hot Sauce Daily, and Scott Roberts Web to sponsor a World Class Jerky Competition. If you want to step up and prove your jerky is the best around then you need to enter! There will be four categories to enter, and with every category there will be a prize. A $5 fee will be charged for every entry with all money to be reserved for the competition. You can enter as many times and/or categories as you wish. All entry fees will be paid through PayPal.

A jerky entry must be in a vacuum sealed pouch with the Category and Contestant # (to be given out after payment is received) clearly written on the pouch. All entries must disclose the sauce utilized ahead of time if one is used. The judges to be selected will know nothing more about the jerky than what their eyes, nose and taste buds tell them. It will be the sole responsibility of the contestant to mail the jerky to the respective four judges. All judges are on the top of their game when it comes to jerky.

1st Annual Jerky Challenge

The Categories:

Non-Spicy Beef Jerky - You can use any marinade or seasoning you like as long as it is not spicy. This category will include Teriyaki, BBQ or any non-spicy marinade.

Spicy Beef Jerky - This category is for all you spicy jerky makers. You may use any spice or level of spiciness as long as it does not contain chile pepper extract. Judges will be looking for great flavor as well as heat.

Extract Beef Jerky - This is an award that will be given to the best tasting jerky that uses extract. Any type of marinade can be used here as long as there is chile pepper extract in the jerky. A few of our expert judges can handle the heat, so let's see if we can burn them...

Unique - Notice we said "unique". There will be no beef used in this category. You may use any other meat...fish, poultry, venison or whatever...get the idea? As long as it's not beef. Be creative!

There will be one winner for each category. Since there are four categories, each category winner will win a cash prize and a trophy, and will be entered into the chance to win the Grand Prize and be crowned the Champion of our Jerky Challenge. The Grand Prize winner will receive a brand new Excalibur Dehydrator (cash value of $350.00) along with a cash prize and trophy.


To register, please e-mail Doug from Peppers and More at doug@peppersandmore.com. The deadline to enter is April 30, 2010.

Sending Jerky

All participants will be required to send one bag of jerky to each of our four judges. All bags should have two nice-sized pieces of jerky.

If you want to send more, that's up to you. After you have paid your registration fee you will be e-mailed the addresses of our four judges.


Excalibur Dehydrator
Jack Links Oberto
Scott's Jerky Cure
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01 April, 2010

Microwaveable Sushi

Microwaveable sushi in a box from the grocery store.

annie chun's sushi wraps

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