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06 June, 2009

Pacifica Breeze Cafe, Del Mar, Review

Pacific Breeze Cafe, Del MarPacifica Breeze Cafe is a trendy cafe in downtown Del Mar, CA, located right on the Coast Highway, with a great outdoor patio that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Last weekend on a Sunday, Lisa and I rode the motorcycle down to that area just to find some restaurant or cafe we never been to. And hence, we found Pacifica Breeze Cafe.

We got there around 11:15am, still technically the breakfast hour I suppose. I had the Sunday paper in hand, and looked forward to breakfast, coffee, and a read.

This place gets packed!

You'll want to sit in the outdoor patio, but it seems that locals have this all figured out. You task the wife with securing a table, while sending the husband in to order all the food. It's not a traditional restaurant where you get seated, and a waitress takes your order. Rather, you walk up to a counter, and order. But they do deliver the food to your table.

We made the mistake of both of us ordering at the window, and then discovering the two open tables we spotted earlier were snatched up as described above.

So we just ate inside.

The coffee is self-serve. They give you three different roasts to choose from, and these large sized cups.

I had the breakfast burrito, pictured below. It's packed with pinto beans, scrambled eggs, bacon and pepper jack cheese, swimming in a red tomato sauce, mildly spiced, with country style potatoes.

Lisa had the french toast, which comes with two slices of bread, but very thick slices.

Pacifica Breeze Cafe does lunch and dinner, and from the reviews I read, they churn out some pretty killer meals, quite posh from the looks of it. You wouldn't associate the words "junk food" with a place like this, but then again, we're still talking about breakfast burrito and french toast here.

A rose by any other name, smells just as sweet as they say.

Visit Pacifica Breeze Cafe online at...

Here are some photos of mine...


Unknown on 12/14/2009 09:27:00 AM said...

the food looks great, You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Pacifica community, i am sure many moms would love to share their on their food

Anonymous said...

I know this place really well.
You should get their Granola.. You have never had a granola like this before.. It is WONDERFUL, AMAZING or WICKED.. where ever you come from.. Promise it's great!

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