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10 June, 2009

Joe's Crab Shack New Coastal Steampots

Joe's Crab Shack New Coastal SteampotsJoe's Crab Shack announced this week a line of menu items for the summer at all 113 locations nationwide.

The line focuses around four new "Coastal Steampots", offering buckets of crab, shrimp and lobster representing all the coastal regions and their celebrated flavors.

Coastal Steampots include:

  • Sunset Fire-grilled Steampot – Dungeness and Snow crab, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes, beachside bar-b-que style.

  • The Orleans Steampot – Crawfish, shrimp, andouille sausage, corn and potatoes cooked in Joe's spicy boil.

  • Bean Town Bake – Two whole lobsters, clams, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes.

  • Joe's Steampot – Tasty Dungeness and Snow crab, boiled shrimp, smoked sausage, potatoes and corn.

In addition to the Coastal Steampots, Joe's Crab Shack is adding new flavors to its Steampot collection and introducing a Go Green assortment of salads. New items from Joe's include:

  • Crab in a Bucket – Adding new flavors to a traditional favorite, the Crab in a Bucket selections now include Fire-grilled and Smoked Chile offerings.

  • Crab Cake Chipotle Caesar – As part of the Go Green line of salads, this yummy dish features Romaine lettuce, topped with one of Joe’s made-from-scratch lump crab cakes, black bean pico de gallo, tortilla strips and Chipotle Caesar dressing.

  • Old Bay Steampot – Alaskan Snow crab, clams, corn, potatoes and sausage, flavored all the way with Old Bay seasoning.

  • The Long Islander – Mussels, clams, shrimp, plus sausage, corn and potatoes.

Additionally, Joe's will be offering larger portions of its desserts, including the Crabby Apple Crumble, and the Coco Bread Pudding.

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Anonymous said...

The place stinks. The food is over priced and freezer burnt tasting. Portions are small for the price paid, but after eating there, I was glad there was no more to eat. I hated it.

Anonymous said...

Frozen corn, boiled tasteless potatoes and to boot, very little in those pots. I had the big daddy feast.... a feast? 2 king crab legs, 1 cluster of 4 tiny legs of the snow crab and the same for the dungeness crab. One leg was so tiny that there was no way I could even remove the tiny bit of crab from the portion. Manager offered more crab since I said this is it??? But who wanted more of a bad thing. The king crab, usually sweet...was fishy and left a bad after taste. He offered us free dessert.... like why? More of a bad thing does not make anything better! If he offered us a refund, I would have taken it. Had the calamari appetizer: They describe it as HEAPING .... i had a single layer of rings on a plate that was filled half with a small plate of hot marinara sauce. Heaping... I think not when it is one skimpy layer. TASTELESS TOO! Not a fun, energetic place that I heard about. Wait staff looked like they were forced to "dance". They stood up and rolled their arms to a disco song.... no one was invited up to join them... not a fun place! Would not ever go again.

Russ Hall on 7/06/2009 02:00:00 PM said...

Seafood is something that shouldn't be hit or miss, but it seems like this is the case with these. We got two of the Joe's Steampots and they were good. Portion was good (more than I expected and more than I was able to eat, though I did pick from my girlfriend's pot because she wasn't eating it all).

If memory serves, I think the price was reasonable.

Overall, definitely not as great as getting it fresh from the ocean, but it's a suitable alternative in land-locked states.

This was at the Columbus, OH location, so your mileage may vary.

Sandwich on 1/02/2010 03:55:00 PM said...

Haven't tried it, but the picture looks great. I think I may give it a run next time I'm down at PB near the Shack.

sara on 2/04/2010 10:22:00 PM said...

wow, look at that, I'm already drooling, great color, looks delicious

Mary said...

Do not go to Joe's Crab Shack, My husband took me there for my birthday, I ordered the King Crab steamepot, it had 3 crab legs, 2 mushy potatoes, and a ear of corn that was last years crop, it was so rubbery you couldnt bite it.. we dont go out to eat often, it was my birthday for petes sake, it was a most unplesent experience..I will never go there again, and I will tell all who will listen no to either... my husband and I talked about how there was no cars in the lot. guess now we know

Anonymous said...

So so sorry. Couldn't wait to go to Joe's big mistake OMG !What a waste of hard earned cash for people that are looking for really good food ,and getting what you paid for .It was a joke there Steampots s..k cheap cheap cheap for what you pay for them. The portion's that you see on TV and on there menu FORGET IT . Corn was water logged, tasted old ,potatoes,mushy total mushy very very over cooked and water logged also .Please save your hard earned money there are alot of very good places to Dine trust me this isn't one of them . Sorry

Anonymous said...

The reason the portions look different then the picture is because well, when has any food item looked like the picture in this country. Oh and you can add on more crab for cheap so yeah...just buy more. Second they go by weight, especially with king crab. Go to any supermarket and you'll pay more for 3 legs then at Joe's. Third Corn from last year....really, you ever hear of it just being over cooked? Why not just ask for a new one? I know it shouldn't be necessary but its like complaining about getting a grab leg that's green. You can't check that stuff. IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE DEAL WITH IT! I bet if you could cook in the first place you would be eating out at Joe's and complaining, you not a food critic, deal with it. And yes some of the dancers don't look excited to dance cause but maybe if you treated them like human beings and not like they ruined your life, you'd get a good show. I worked there and people treated us like trash just because we served them. I was always smiling never got an order wrong maintained great service and danced my heart out and YOU people still crapped on my day and thought you were above me. Basing one visit while your acting like a vicious A-hole cause you want to cry about your corn is stupid. Joe's is amazing and after working there a year it was very rare that there were ANY complaints. Food is awesome and atmosphere is great!

Anonymous said...

Joe's Crab Shack in Branson, Missouri was very good. The waitress was very nice and the restaurant was clean and well maintained. We plan on going again.

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