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26 June, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Berried Treasure Sorbet

Eating this Ben & Jerry's "Berried Treasure" sorbet right now...

Ben & Jerry's Berried Treasure Sorbet
Overall it's tasty.

It's basically a lemon sorbet, and a tangy one at that. But it has swirls of blueberry and blackberry that provide some fruity contrast.

However, the tangy lemon sorbet still provides the more dominant flavor.


grub girls on 6/27/2009 02:34:00 PM said...

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Fat loss 4 idiots on 7/01/2009 04:31:00 AM said...

Once you've uncovered Berried Treasure's trove of sunken blue- and blackberry chunks and zingy lemon sorbet swirls, we're pretty sure you'll be forever wanting to hide it from everybody else. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE. they used to sell it in the grocery store in jackson hole (i now live in new orleans), but they just don't stock it anywhere. any advice as to how i can get an entire case?

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