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01 May, 2009

Twisted Grandma Pretzels

Twisted Grandma PretzelsTwisted Grandma is a brand of flavored pretzels, offered by a company of the same name, based out of Aurora, CO.

As the story goes, there was a crazy grandma who lived up in Eveleth, MN who always did everything different, starting with her spiked hair, and her tattooed toe. But she had apparently had an awesome recipe for pretzels.

And so became the basis for this line of salted and seasoned flour snack.

The company was nice enough to send me a sample bag of their "Buttery Garlic Goodness", and sure enough they do have a buttery smoothness, and garlicky goodness. Combined with some salty and onion flavors, they don't really need to be dipped into anything. All you need is a cold beer.

They also offer them in "Get's Hot Mild" and "Get's Hot Spicy".

Buy them online:


Davieharely on 5/03/2009 11:04:00 PM said...

These pretzels are buttery and garlicky and downright addicting! The granddaughter made batches and batches of these pretzels for friends and family near and far, and the requests couldn’t be filled fast enough.high interest savings

Davieharely on 5/09/2009 03:17:00 AM said...

If you're in the mood for something different, "twists" on the original are also available, in the form of a mild or a major kick of hotness. As perfect for a cocktail party snack as they are accompanying a beer and the baseball game.replica rolex submariner

Anonymous said...

Are you always vexed about wearing what kind of dress at a banquet?

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