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15 May, 2009

Doodles Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

doodles cookiesDoodles Cookies is a new brand of cookies focusing on cookie lovers who want to snack on organic ingredients. They're sole offering at this point is an organic chocolate chip cookie mix.

However, they're getting set to launch a gluten-free sugar cookie mix next month.

Deborah Sievers, owner of Doodles Cookies, is an avid cook who first got the idea for marketing her cookie mix after winning two awards from Chile Pepper magazine for an original chocolate chip cookie recipe. She used only organic products in her chocolate chip cookie mix in order to appeal to the growing population of organic food buyers...

"I had been looking for a healthy, good-tasting alternative cookie to make for family and friends. My goal was to make an organic cookie that was healthy and also delicious."

The new gluten-free sugar cookie that she's coming out with next month is her entry into growing market of hypoallergenic foods.

The Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is currently available on the company's web site:


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