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22 May, 2009

Let's Party with Dried Crabs!

Found this package of dried, roasted baby crabs, with sesame seeds at a japanese grocery store in San Diego last Wednesday.

let's party dried crabs
I thought it was cute with the "Let's Party" call-to action.

No, I didn't try it.


Anonymous said...

Do. Not. Want.

Tried these in a small shop in Toronto's Chinatown Center. Started surprisingly sweet, but went horribly horribly wrong after the crunching began. Tasted like fish-flavored sand. Tasted, well, like you might imagine eating a tiny dried crab would taste.

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Don't know if my being Asian made me more accustomed to the strange test, but it was certainly tasty.

Anonymous said...

I've tried them too in Toronto. They tasted pretty good, but shells got stuff in my teeth. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

good with beer. . especially after a few, beers that is

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