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27 May, 2009

Jim Beam Red Stag - Black Cherry Bourbon

Jim Beam Red Stag - Black Cherry BourbonThe makers of Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon announced a new variant called "Red Stag", basically the same bourbon they've always made, except with a touch of black cherry flavor.

It's not a liqueur, it's not cough syrup, but actual straight 80 proof bourbon, just like what you might take a shot of, or mix with with Coke. Except it has some fruity flavor to it.

Through a unique infusion process, they introduce natural black cherry flavor to their four-year-old Jim Beam Bourbon. The tasting notes are said to be distinctively fruity, without disguising the familiar scent of Jim Beam Bourbon.

Red Stag is said to go on sale to the public in June 2009.

My best guess on why Jim Beam would market straight kentucky bourbon with a fruit flavor is to go after a younger consumer base, or better yet, women.

Women seem to love alcohol with some kind of fruitiness to it. In fact, the marketing materials that Jim Beam is developing for Red Stag depicts 20-something year old women, partying up. Next month they'll launch a media campaign with Kid Rock.

The bottle will continue to have the "Jim Beam" name, and will look very similar to a Jim Beam bottle, with its square shape, and familiar white logoed cap. Red Stag is a way to extent brand familiarity to a young hip consumer, until one day that consumer becomes old and fat and is ready for the real thing.

Read a taste review at Liquor Snob.


Anonymous said...

Was told by a girl in the office that she used this instead of Water for making brownies (From a Box) and added cherries to the mix and was awesome, so much so that she didn't have any to share today!

Anonymous said...

I love this on the rocks. Great taste for a summers night.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Horrid stuff, the don't call it Red Gag without a reason

Anonymous said...

Jim Beam...and cherries. Red Gag indeed.

Anonymous said...

Loved it, expecially on the rocks

Amity said...

Good stuff. I also subbed it in for flavoring in a cake when I had no vanilla and it worked like a charm! The booze cooked off and the cake had a very subtle cherry taste to it.

Anonymous said...

I was a lover of bourbon and wild cherry cola. This is even better! And if you do a black cherry "olden days" soda with it, it's even better. It's also great on the rock or shots.

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