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21 May, 2009

Cracker Barrel - A Review

cracker barrel pancake breakfastLast weekend, while my wife and I drove home from a trip to the Grand Canyon, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Kingman, AZ.

The Cracker Barrel is a chain of restaurants that serve the usual Americana fare of breakfasts, burgers, steaks, pretty much what you might expect to find at any family-style restaurant.

But they have a "country store" that sells candies, books, clothing, knick-knacks, toys, resembling something you might expect to find on an episode of the Andy Griffith show.

They're also known for selling wooden rocking chairs that sit on display outside the restaurant on the front patio.

But it's mostly their restaurant that attracts locals.

Cracker Barrel started in 1969 with a location in Tennessee, built around an "old country store" theme where travelers could get "home style" cooking, where kids could get some candy, and moms could shop for souvenirs. And then it just spread from there.

You typically find Cracker Barrel restaurants in towns where folks still hold on to "core values", where NASCAR is always on the front page, and where people still cling to their guns and their religion.

We don't have Cracker Barrel restaurants in California, but yet the chain claims to have locations in 41 states.

Awesome Pancakes!

Make a point to visit a Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and get one of their pancake breakfasts, which comes with three buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, and two sausage or bacon.

The pancakes have crispy edges. I think they fry them with lots of oil. In fact, I think they might fry them on the same griddle as with all the other food, because my wife's pancakes showed bits of burnt bacon. To a junk foodie, that only makes the pancakes better.

I've had pancakes at IHOP, and Denny's, and even at The Original Pancake House, and I'm sorry, but Cracker Barrel beats them out.

Here's photos...

Visit Cracker Barrel online for locations..


Anonymous said...

I have to say I don't order pancakes there if for one reason. The syrup. I find very bland and let's face it... that's a big part of the pancake experience. And for brekkie there... the hashbrown casserole is a must.

Anonymous said...

They give you REAL maple syrup, which might be a little subtle if you're used to the extra sweet fake corn syrup goop you get everywhere else.

That sausage is undeniably amazing though.

Anonymous said...

go to you tube and type in cracker barrel caper

very funny video!!

Anonymous said...

I work at CB and I agree that the food is amazing. I make the pancakes at home a lot with the mix sold in the gift shop. The secret really is butter on the grill and about a 400 degree surface.

Anonymous said...

how do you make the blackberry syrup that they have on the pancakes? Or do they sell that to.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... :) Cracer barrel is a pretty awesome place. Ate there last week.

Anonymous said...

they sell the blackberry syrup.

Anonymous said...

Don't order eggs. Every Cracker Barrel I've been to has terrible eggs. I'm not sure how it's possible to ruin eggs, but they manage to do it consistently!

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