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20 May, 2009

Carl's Jr. Portobello Mushroom Burger is Back

Carl's Jr. Portobello Mushroom BurgerCarl's Jr. announced today that it's bringing back the Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger, permanently starting right now.

The fan-favorite burger was originally introduced in 2005 for a limited time, and then again in 2007.

The burger is just a standard Six Dollar Burger, but with slices of portobello mushroom sauteed in garlic-butter sauce, along with swiss cheese.

During its initial appearance on the Carl's Jr. menu in 2005, The Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger won the product award for excellence from Produce Business Magazine, and was among a handful of menu items profiled by USA Today for a trend story on fast-food going gourmet.

Carl's Jr. is also offering a coupon for a free Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger with the purchase of a $20 Carl's Jr. gift card. Gift cards can be purchased in restaurants or online at


Corey Capetillo on 6/11/2009 01:14:00 PM said...

I waited 2 years to try this burger and have to say I was absolutely dissatisfied. The mushrooms are slimy. I would have proffered it if they were left dry.

However, their bourbon burger is worth killing the unborn for.

Anonymous said...

In my area the portobello burger was amazing. Slimy yet satisfying and the taste was second to none packed with mushroom flavor. This said if you don't like the fact that portobellos become slimy when sauteed you should probably stick to button mushrooms. Also, is this better than grilling your own burger? Probably not, but this said it's worth the time and money especially with the bogo coupon.

The bourbon burger however was absolutely overpowering and disgusting and I had to scrape the sauce off. If you love the taste of fake bourbon and condiments get the sauce inside. Otherwise ask for it on the side. With the sauce on the side you could dip as much or as little as you want while the burger itself could stand on it's own

Anonymous said...

I have to politely disagree.

The mushrooms weren't just slimy with a finger licking good sauce. On the contrary, they were rubbery. The sauce was congealing. It wasn't appealing at all.

I'd rather have a fake-bourbon-tasting sauce than to have whatever it is they're calling a mushroom on that burger. However, I suppose the burger deserves a try.

I just know that I've never had a worse burger in my life

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