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14 May, 2009

Bob Evans Restaurant New Appetizers

The Bob Evans chain of restaurants announced today the launch of new appetizers to its menu...

  • Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Fries, dusted with powdered sugar and served with caramel dipping sauce.

  • Loaded Baked Potato Bites, stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon.

  • Bob Evans Wildfire(TM) Chicken Quesadilla made with slow-roasted chicken and topped with Wildfire BBQ sauce, onions, green peppers, tomatoes and cheeses.

  • County Fair Cheese Bites, filled with white cheddar cheese and served with marinara sauce.

  • Itsy Bitsy Sandwiches, a trio of signature sandwiches with Bob-B-Q pulled pork, slow-roasted pot roast and Bob Evans sausage.

The new appetizers are part of Bob Evans' baseball themed "All Star Line Up" for summer, and the restaurant has launched a media campaign focused around baseball.

Appetizers start at $3.99 and will be available chain-wide.

The introduction of the appetizers also coincides with the return of Bob-B-Q, made with the restaurant's very own Bob Evans Wildfire Sauce. The Bob-B-Q includes Bob-B-Q Baby Back Ribs, Bob-B-Q Chicken Knife & Fork Sandwich, Bob Evans Wildfire Chicken Salad and Bob-B-Q Oven-Roasted Chicken.

The restaurant chain used, a service that organizes a group of Internet savvy consumers to review the new menu offerings, and then have them broadcast their thoughts and gather feedback through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, et al.

Bob Evans restaurants have some 569 family restaurants in 18 states east of the Rockies, and also operate 140 Mimi's Cafe restaurants west of the Rockies.

Source: Press Release


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