24 October, 2008

What Do Guys Eat?

Everytime I go to a grocery store, I see a product somewhere billing itself as being "manly".

Take the "Hungry Man" TV Dinners for example. While a hungry man would eat just about anything, the portions you get wouldn't satisfy most hungry men here in the United States.

I remember in my teen years, being such a voracious-eater with a never-ending metabolism, I'd eat two TV dinners at a time. My mom started buying the Hungry Man dinners for me, except one was never enough, and two was always too much.

AskMen Magazine has a set of recipes out now called "Manly Meals" with stuff like "Manly Con Carne", "XXX Ribs", and "Man-Sized Meatballs".

I think those recipes are great, except most guys don't want to cook for themselves. I'd see myself e-mailing that link to my wife and asking her to make it for me. Look at a pride of lions. The male never hunts for himself, he makes his females do it for him. It's good to be king.

So lately, the fast food market has recognized that with larger burgers, using higher grades of meat. You've got the sirloin burgers from Jack in the box, the angus burgers from McDonald's, and my favorite, the Six Dollar series from Carl's Jr. The only problem is that I have to drive there to get my food, or pay the extra bucks to have a delivery service fetch it for me.

I also have this aversion to things that tell me what guys like to eat. "Manly Con Carne" for example, might taste good, but what makes it manly for me? Why would I believe that particular chili con carne is much more suitable for "real guys"?

I'm not a reader of Ask Men Magazine, but if you want to ask this particular man, just give me some meat, cheese, bacon, jalapenos, hot sauce, guacamole, and keep it coming. I can pretty happy with that, especially if you bring it to me hot, and ready to eat.
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