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04 July, 2008

What Happened to Bob's Big Boy?

Bob's Big Boy Super Slim JimBob's Big Boy announced today that they've brought back the "Super Slim Jim", a ham, swiss sandwich, witht their "special sauce", on a grecian roll.

Here in Southern California, there are some Bob's Big Boy restaurants still around, but not many. There used to be just many Bob's as there were Denny's here in the Southland. But then one-by-one, they all went away.

I know just a few of them are still here.

There's one in Baker, CA, which took over the old "Bun Boy". But this Bob's is nothing like the old Bob's. You set foot in there, and it feels like a "fake Bob's". The Big Boy statue may be outside, but the restaurant doesn't have that genuine Bob's feel to it. About the only menu item that has carried over from those glory days is that "Big Boy" double decker burger.

My wife and I used to go to Bob's in Laguna Hills for their breakfast buffet. I always found their bacon to be the way I like it, soft and dripping with oil. Let that oil drip down over the hash browns. Their hash browns was also the way I liked it, soft.

I just got news that a Bob's Big Boy is coming to Temecula, CA, just about 20 minutes from my home. It's taking over the old Ritchie's Diner. I'm sure my wife will be setting up a new home-away-from-home in there.


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Kirby and i will be a server at the new Big Boy opening up in temecula! come sit in my section and we'll have a great time! we should be opening up the week of july 21st! come eat some great food! and have great service too!

Anonymous said...

I live in Portland but my husband and I will be moving back and when I heard from my family that live there that Bob's is coming I screamed for joy! I loved eating there and having the hot fudge cake. I now have a kid of my own and will be able to take her just like I was taken as a kid. Hurray for Bob's and whoever thought to bring it temecula. I already warned my husband I will be getting fat with Bob in town.

Anonymous said...


Just read your story and it's sad that cool great American icon food joints like Bob's Big Boy are far and few. I often go to the one in Burbank Ca. and from there I was inspired to create the Big Boy costume for one Halloween and from their on I've been asked to wear over and over again to parties and comic conventions. It's amazing the response I've been getting and the stories I've heard from folks that were around when Bob's Big Boy was new and how their frats would remove the statue and throw in their pools or put him on a street corner next to a u.s. post box, it was great hearing those stories. I eventually named myself as the Unofficial Bob's Big Boy Mascot and call myself Pob's Big Boy. If you care to ever see what the costume looks like go to: myspace.com/1stdiablo

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am so excited to hear about Bob's Big Boy coming to Temecula!!! I have driven from San Diego to Burbank to go to the Bob's restaurant there. My car knows the way automatically! And, even though I will miss "getting away," I will enjoy driving to Bob's much closer to home, especially after work on a Friday when I am so tired. I love Bob's and my friends couldn't understand why I would drive so far away. I took three of them up there and they all ask when we can go back! So, for those of you who think it is crazy to drive that far for a restaurant, get up there and you'll see why! Most days, there's is 24 hours. But, now you won't have to go that far. I can't wait to see if they will bring Bob's back down here to San Diego. And, please, Temecula, be friendly to us loyal customers. That's the only negative about the one in Burbank...oh, and I'll miss seeing the actor that goes there daily. I am dancing and hopping I am so happy! Boing, Boing!

Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone w/ a Bob's Big Boy employee. (Phone #, address was on Google.)

They officially open Wednesday 7/23/2008 at 7 AM. (Tomorrow as of this post.)

Anonymous said...

I miss all the Big Boys here in so Cal...

while the burgers were nothing special, I always enjoyed the free comic book and especially the side order of iceberg lettuce masquerading as a salad.

Anonymous said...

Isn't BIG BOY's also SHONEY's. There used to be many Shoney's and Big Boy's here in the Richmond, VA area, but none to be found. Last Big Boy I saw was in Cincinnati, OH. Would love to see more AMERICAN icon restaurants coming back. Too many ethnicities- Is there any good ol' American home cooking left out there. Even the Mom and Pop places are going down.

Anonymous said...

My son heard about Bob's Big Boy in Temecula. He called me and I met him and his family there. The food is the same. Their blue cheese dressing is the best. Hot fudge cake is the same. My only complaint is that it's too small, and the booths are made for skinny people. Bob's has to assume that their customers are not a size 2, and their booths should accommodate a bigger person!

Anonymous said...

I live in San Luis Obispo,CA. There 'supposedly" is a Big Boy coming to Morro Bay, CA. Also heard a rumor one was opening in San Luis. I hope it is all true! Loved them as a kid living in LA!

JustSmartLiving on 10/02/2008 09:18:00 AM said...

I too can remember going to Bob's Big Boy as a child. While fond of the chili spaghetti, an infrequent visit will suffice. Sadly the menu does not exactly coincide with a healthy lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I was just sitting here idly browsing when I wondered what happened to all the Bobs.

I worked in the Portland OR store in '79, and was initiated into the crew by carefully scrubbing the Big Boy statue right out in front of God & everybody ;)

In the late 80s & early 90s, we held our usergroup meetings at the one in Burbank. I was actually kinda surprised not to find one in Seattle when I moved here in '94

I knew BBBs quality control well, and because of that and the occasional Dennys-like deals, I continued to eat there even after I quit - couldn't get enuff of those hot fudge cakes :)

But yeah, American diners ain't known for cardio-friendly menus.

Nice blog, thanx for the chance to discuss Bobs and memories of times when we didn't care about trans-fats, calories or sodium ;)

=Mike 0=

Anonymous said...

BOO HOO...NOOOOOO! THIS IS A CRIME!!! My friend & I drove a long way yesterday just to have our fix of a Bob's Big Boy! Never mind the money we spent on gas to get there....our mouths were watering for our fix & we went away hungry. First we cryed puddles all over the mound of dirt..the only remnants left! I wish someone would reserict them all over southern CA. PLEASE!!!! HUDDLED IN THE FETAL POSITION...DREAMING OF A BOB'S COMBO & A CHOCOLATE SHAKE! BOO HOO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a BOB's in Diamond Bar. It is really good and is like the old fashioned BOB's. My husband and I like it and will drive almost 30 miles to go there. They have a $5.00 breakfast buffet during the week, and thier burgers are great. It is located where the 57 and 60 freeways meet. Exit Brea Canyon off the 60 and you will run in to it at Brea Canyon and Colima/Golden Springs.

Off the 15 there is on in the Victorville/Hesperia area you can see it from the freeway, it is OK. It is in a new building and might share a parking lot with a gas station.

There is one in Lenwood on the way to Vegas before Barstow, you know where the outlet stores are. Don't go there, it is bad! They took over the building and it doesn't even feel or taste like a Bob's.

Anonymous said...

I live in Morro Bay and the Big Boy is coming soon. Construction is moving along. Not sure about an opening date though.

Anonymous said...

I also live in Morro Bay and I drive by the construction everyday. It's going slow, but the sign is still up. My hubby and I are anxiously waiting for it to open. Spaghetti and chili here I come!!!

Anonymous said...

i was just in northridge calif and there is a new bobs coming soon

Anonymous said...

Bobs are slowly coming back... at least in socal from what I see.

Anonymous said...

I go to the Bob's in Burbank occasionally. I was a huge fan of the Chili back in the 70's. Now it tastes completely different and is nothing special. To bad. I still crave the old taste. We used to buy frozen Chili at Bob's. It was great. Does anybody remember that?

The burgers are still close to tasting the same but not the Chili.

Anonymous said...

I just ate at the Temecula Bob's last night and I was very disappointed to find that they no longer serve the biscuits and honey with the Pappy Parker's fried chicken dinner there. What is up with that? Why praytell did they discontinue that? It is what made the dinner special. It is what I specifically went there for. Another childhood memory dashed to pieces. Also, a bunch of graduating seniors from a local highschool in the area pulled a senior prank and had ripped poor Big Boy Bob from his stance in front of the restaraunt. Nothing there but his empty shoes ripped to shreds at the ankles.

Anonymous said...

I do remember the frozen chili. I was just looking to see if they still make it somewhere . When I was a kid my mother used to get it at the grocery store

Anonymous said...

The best Big Boy's are in Cleveland, OH. They were called Manner's Big Boy in the 50's and 60's Then changed to Shoney's and eventually Bob's. Cleveland Big Boy Hamburger's had the White mayo based big boy sauce known as the "Cleveland Sauce". We still serve them here the same way. They are delicious. All of the restaurants are gone now except for the original one built in the 1940's in Valley View and one built in the 50's in Cleveland W.130th and Brookpark. Both open 24 hours. I cold go for a Big Boy Combo with Fries and Slaw..gotta shake the season salt on the slaw!...YUM!!

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