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04 July, 2008

Beef Crumbles - Pre-Crumbled Ground Beef

beef crumblesChatel Farms made the world just a little bit better, by making ground beef "pre-crumbled", with their "Beef Crumbles" product.

The process of thawing ground beef is eliminated, because you just sprinkle these flash-frozen "beef crumbles" into your frying pan. You no longer have to manually crumble it apart.

Makes you wonder how much we're dependent on technology.

In the future, people will say "You mean in those days ground beef came stuck together, and you had to thaw it out, cook it, and then manually crumble it apart?"

Beef Crumbles are now available in Super Wal-Marts nationwide.

Learn more about it here...


Ben Willis on 7/19/2008 07:44:00 PM said...

Hey I found your awesome blog while doing a google search for something to do with ice cream. I just wanted to comment because I noticed that you don't get many comments.

ms recipe said...

Sounds really good, I have a new food blog, want to ex links?

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