29 July, 2008

Ole' Smokies Beef Sticks

http://www.ccrsnacks.com/Ah, the beef stick!

Where would the good ole U S of A be without it?

Where would fishing be without beef sticks? Where would truck driving be without them? What would the Boy Scouts be without them?

I managed to get myself some of these Ole' Smokies Beef Sticks, in this case the Jalapeno Cheese Beef Sticks. These things have pieces of jalapenoes in them making them good and spicy.

Seems like I have to have everything spicy now.

The cheese part was something I had to have at one point in my life, but now it's not important. Instead, it has to be spicy now. I prefer my burgers with jalapeno's on them now. I have to add hot sauce or salsa to my chili. I even sprinkle black pepper on my salads now (I never used to do that).

So I guess having these jalapeno beef sticks is only fitting.

These Ole' Smokies Beef Sticks are made by a company called "Choo Choo R Snacks". They make beef jerky as well, which I have had and found to be pretty good.

That green piece in the beef stick? That's a jalapeno chunk!

Do You Know What's in Them Things?

Every now and then someone warns me that I don't want to know what goes into a beef stick. The fact is that no one really knows what goes into much of the food they eat anyways. How many people buy stuff at an organic food store without reading the nutrition label? They just assume it's all good for them. That's called trust. It's what we all do, whether it's a beef stick or a package of soy jerky.

Most of humanity grew up on scraps. The impoverished folks have always had to settle for the cheaper cuts of meat. Pork ribs was something that was once considered scrap meat, handed off to the blacks, who found a way to barbecue them. And now, everyone wants barbecued pork ribs. Mexicans largely grew up on chorizos, which is the guts and entrails of pigs, ground up into sausage. Now, you can find chorizos on the menu at any upscale Mexican restaurant.

The beef stick is to American junk food as the apple pie is to American desserts, as sunflower seeds are to baseball.

As for those Ole' Smokies Beef Sticks, you can buy them online at Choo Choo R Snacks...

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04 July, 2008

Beef Crumbles - Pre-Crumbled Ground Beef

beef crumblesChatel Farms made the world just a little bit better, by making ground beef "pre-crumbled", with their "Beef Crumbles" product.

The process of thawing ground beef is eliminated, because you just sprinkle these flash-frozen "beef crumbles" into your frying pan. You no longer have to manually crumble it apart.

Makes you wonder how much we're dependent on technology.

In the future, people will say "You mean in those days ground beef came stuck together, and you had to thaw it out, cook it, and then manually crumble it apart?"

Beef Crumbles are now available in Super Wal-Marts nationwide.

Learn more about it here...

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McDonald's and Gays

ronald mcdonald gay kissGood as You writes about McDonald's coming under fire (what tiny little fire it might be) from the American Family Association, because the company took action that made it appear as if they support gay rights...

...Mickey D's has become the latest American corporation to suffer at the baselessly extremist, rabidly anti-gay hands of Don Wildmon Inc. The McNugget company's "sin"? The refused to shun Vice President of Communications Richard Ellis for his decision to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

Read on...

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What Happened to Bob's Big Boy?

Bob's Big Boy Super Slim JimBob's Big Boy announced today that they've brought back the "Super Slim Jim", a ham, swiss sandwich, witht their "special sauce", on a grecian roll.

Here in Southern California, there are some Bob's Big Boy restaurants still around, but not many. There used to be just many Bob's as there were Denny's here in the Southland. But then one-by-one, they all went away.

I know just a few of them are still here.

There's one in Baker, CA, which took over the old "Bun Boy". But this Bob's is nothing like the old Bob's. You set foot in there, and it feels like a "fake Bob's". The Big Boy statue may be outside, but the restaurant doesn't have that genuine Bob's feel to it. About the only menu item that has carried over from those glory days is that "Big Boy" double decker burger.

My wife and I used to go to Bob's in Laguna Hills for their breakfast buffet. I always found their bacon to be the way I like it, soft and dripping with oil. Let that oil drip down over the hash browns. Their hash browns was also the way I liked it, soft.

I just got news that a Bob's Big Boy is coming to Temecula, CA, just about 20 minutes from my home. It's taking over the old Ritchie's Diner. I'm sure my wife will be setting up a new home-away-from-home in there.
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03 July, 2008

Win Free Beef Jerky for a Year

house of jerky video contestHouse of Jerky announced their video contest, where you can win free beef jerky for a year.

What you do is create a video saying how much you love House of Jerky's jerky, and upload it to their contest site...


The top two winners get the free chew.
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02 July, 2008

Dairy Queen Launches New Girl Scout Blizzard

Dairy Queen Launches New Girl Scout BlizzardDairy Queen officially launched its new Blizzard flavor of the month for July, Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard.

The best selling Girl Scouts cookie is now a Blizzard variety, in a cool green color, minty flavored ice cream, with chunks of Thin Mint cookies.

The company sent me a coupon for a free sample of this new Blizzard flavor, so I hopped over to my nearest DQ, and tried it out.

It tastes very much like a mint chocolate chip ice cream, except instead of chocolate chips, it just has chunks of cookies in it.

Dairy Queen Launches New Girl Scout Blizzard
The Blizzard got its start in 1985 as a soft serve ice cream with flavoring and bits of candy. However, the Blizzard trademark has been within the company since the 1950s, representing various concepts.

In China, DQ actually sells green tea Blizzards. I wonder why they don't offer that here?

The Girl Scouts Thin Mint Blizzard are available in DQ stores right now, and will be around indefinitely.
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01 July, 2008

Spicing Up Your V8 Juice

V8 Juice and Ortega SalsaFor all you V8 juice drinkers, what do you do to spice up your V8?

While I consider myself a junk food junkie, I do like V8. I've been drinking the stuff since I was a kid, and can't seem to stop. I've tried the spicy V8, and V8 Fusion, and the Low Sodium V8. I like them all.

So today, as I reached into the refrigerator to grab a bottle of V8, I noticed the jar of Ortega salsa. And then, a question popped into my head, "What if...?"

So I pulled the salsa out of the refrigerator as well, and dropped three spoonfuls of salsa into the V8 bottle. The bottle was about 2/3 full at the time. Then I shook the bottle thoroughly, and took a swig.

Ummm, not bad.

It's like salsa-flavored V8, just like what you'd expect, but with chunks thrown in.

I'm not sure I'd stick with this however. While it's not bad, I don't think it'll sell.

So I'm thinking now, what else can I do to doctor up my V8? Lemon juice? Tabasco sauce? Pickled jalapeno juice?

If you like to experiment with your V8, let me know what you've found that tastes good.
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Gallo Salame and Provolone Cheese Snack

Gallo Salame and Provolone Cheese SnackI had the munchies late last night, and like a bad boy I found myself rummaging through the refrigerator, and found this package of Gallo Salame & Provolone Cheese Snack.

My wife bought it months ago. I don't know what plans she had for it. Sometimes she buys stuff just because she thinks I might like it. She's all too familiar with Junk Food Blog, and knows that I need material for it.

My first thought was, "I don't feel like having a sandwich". But then an idea hit me, "Who needs bread anyways?"

So I opened up the package, and put a cheese and salami together, folded it over, and voila! A sandwich.

I guess it's similar to having a hamburger without the bun. This is just a "low-carb" salami and cheese sandwich.

The package actually says "Snack Pack", so I feel better that I ate this to satisfy a snacking urge. Even if it was already past midnight.
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