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30 June, 2008

Talk O' Texas Pickled Okra

Talk O' Texas Pickled OkraOne day my wife brought home this jar of pickled okra from a brand called Talk O' Texas.

I'm not sure what caused her to buy this, as I've never eaten pickled okra before. Though I have eaten okra in my time, just not very much of it. I never hated the stuff, but it just never pushed the right buttons on me. She thought that it was weird, and because of that, I would be pleasantly intrigued.

And yes, I was intrigued with it.

So I opened up the jar, pulled one out, and held it up to eyes so that I could get a good gander at one of these things. I might have looked like a scientist in a 1950's alien-invasion flick, examining some strange pod that was spewn forth from a glowing red rock that fell from the sky.

I bit off the pointy end of this okra, and chewed it a bit. My eyes moved a bit to the left and a bit to the right, as I wondered if this would gross me out or not.

Nope, it tasted pretty good.

Talk O' Texas Pickled Okra
Talk O' Texas says these things are hot. NOT! Those folks must have pretty weak tongues, because this is hardly hot. My cottage cheese gets hotter than this after I've sprinkled it with black pepper. I think they must put that label on there just to make Texans feel good about their tolerance for spicy foods.

This pretty much tastes like the same pickling juice as a pickled cucumber.

As for slime, which Okra tends to have a lot of, I didn't find much. There is still some sliminess to these pickles, but just not as much.

So, whatever beckoned the first Okra eater to put one of these space-pods into their mouths? It has no real "meat", only a bunch of seeds and slime. How did someone decide, "Hey, here's a vegetable that has no real meat, and is full of seeds and slime. I think I'll start a business around it"?

Will I be buying more of these pickled okra? Probably not. They're good tasting, but then a lot of things are good tasting, and I don't buy everything. I did however, slice up several of these and toss them into a can of Hormel Chili. Not too bad. It definitely gives the chili some of that pickling juice.

The company recommends putting one of these into a Bloody Mary. That sounds kinda good actually.

Learn more about Talk O' Texas Pickled Okra here...


Ryan on 7/01/2008 02:52:00 PM said...

Haha, great stuff on the pickles. You may not have looked like a scientist from a 1950s alien-flick but this guy might in his pickle quest:

Tish on 8/14/2008 07:04:00 AM said...

I actually had pickled okra for the first time last week @ my aunts house. She convinced me to try them after days of me saying i wouldn't. Tasted pretty much like a dill pickle. I wouldn't buy them nor see a need to eat one again, just because it's a mind thing. When I think if a dill pickle I want it to be a cucumber.

Suthernstrawberry said...

I don't know that I would ever buy pickled okra, but my grandparents grow & pickle their own. I can honestly say that I have eaten almost an entire jar myself. And my cousins (all 8 of them) could/would do the same thing! I've had pickled okra that was obviously not homemade. There is a difference, and it's not better. If you're ever in SC look us up & you can taste REAL pickled okra. :)

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