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16 June, 2008

Beef Jerky - and a New Focus

I wanted to announce my beef jerky review blog...

There's a long story to why I started this, which also explains the new focus of Junk Food Blog.

When I launched Junk Food Blog, almost immediately companies started sending me samples of their products. These companies were PR firms working for food manufacturers. Mostly they'd send me candies, chewing gum, crackers, chips. Once in a while, I'd get something more substantial, like a coupon for a free hamburger, and sometimes, a bag of beef jerky.

Beef jerky is my favorite snack food. I started wondering, what can I do to get more, for free? Despite having reviewed more beef jerky on Junk Food Blog, I was still getting a lot of candies and chewing gum.

So I launched Best Beef Jerky as a way to encourage beef jerky manufacturers to send me free jerky. I can now eat more of the food I love, for free, publish a blog that will attract a loyal following (albeit a smaller one), and earn a little income from the Google ads.

Hopefully, I can eventually attract enough free beef jerky to get me one bag of jerky each day.

That takes me to the new focus of Junk Food Blog.

I want Junk Food Blog to attract more free food, but not candies and chewing gum. I want stuff more substantial, more coupons for free burgers and sandwiches, gift certificates for restaurants, or just send me a frozen pizza if you can do it. I'll give those products a mention here, along with a photo, and a link to the product's website.

So I'm going to focus on doing more reviews, particularly the "sustantial foods". I'll focus on new products, or obscure products, just like I've done before. I'm going to broaden the scope to include foods that you might not consider "junk", but what I would consider as "snack" or "convenience item". For the most part, you may not notice much difference at all between the new JFB and the old JFB. But now you know about my new focus.

Junk Food Blog has never earned much income for me. I don't have another job to support me, hence I blog for my sustenance. So if this blog can't pay me back for what I put into it, then I can't blog it. On the other hand, if it can feed me, literally, then I'll still do it.

I'm looking down the road and seeing food prices going higher as the price of fuel goes up. I'm seeing the unemployment rate going up. I'm seeing harder times ahead. It may be that food will become as good as money.


Lesley on 6/16/2008 07:28:00 PM said...

So, let us know if this works. I've had this vegetarian blog for months and have gotten a nice cookbook but no free food. And vegetarian convenience foods are expensive! Please feel free to send anything you think is not junky enough my way. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, as a fellow jerky lover I can appreciate the beef jerky blog idea a lot. You should check out set to launch around July 1st, we will have customer reviews of all of our jerky products. Just thought that you might be interested. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....I'm not much of a beef jerky eater, but that may change once I read one of your reviews.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see new posts! This blog is definitely one of my faves!

Kenny on 7/29/2008 11:18:00 AM said...

Hey Steve, in case you were interested in making your own beef jerky you should check out the following site for recipe ideals and information about how to make homemade beef jerky. Let me know what you think of it. I thought it was really helpful stuff. They have like at least 100 different recipes!

Uncle bub on 9/14/2008 08:39:00 AM said... this indian makes some awesome jerky among other stuff

Anonymous said...

I am going to opening a new online beef jerky store in the next two weeks. I really like the Smoky Mountain Beef Jerky brand. Thought you guys might want to try some.

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