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15 January, 2008

Pinkberry - Coffee Frozen Yogurt

PinkberryPinkberry, the frozen yogurt chain that seemingly became an overnight sensation after being featured on an American Express television commercial, is now offering a new coffee frozen yogurt to celebrate its third birthday.

The new coffee variety will be accompanied by a new topping option, chestnuts.

The company says that it spent 12 months trying to make this new coffee flavor, and describes it as "a refreshing proprietary blend of premium coffee with Pinkberry's signature yogurt tang".

Pretty good idea, mixing frozen yogurt with Tang.

Pinkberry has 40 locations throughout New York and California.

Visit Pinkberry online...


DanaDreams said...

that food seems yummy but the problem for me it is only in ny or cali and i live in altanta,ga!!

Erica of New York City on 2/28/2008 01:20:00 PM said...

Good G-d, I am obsessed with Pinkberry. So much so that my friend and I have built an admiration society around it and go there for special occasions.

I usually get the regular kind but last time I had the coffee and it was great! Not such a fan of the green tea flavor though.

All hail Pinkberry!

easy snacks on 3/05/2008 07:30:00 PM said...

Great idea and looks yummy. Coffee and yogurt combination....I haven't tasted that before(just curious).

Anonymous said...

I just went to Pinkberry for the first time. It was astonishingly un-exciting. It was tangy...and uh, that's supposed to be so great? Not impressed. I can't wait to watch the lines of people dissappear once everyone has tasted it and realized it's mediocre tasting at best and a short-lived fad. My girlfriend has decided to call it "Stinkberry" since neither of us liked it.

Carrie on 3/26/2008 01:16:00 AM said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous poster #4 is the reason why varied and healthy food isn't always accessible everywhere; too many trailer trash around who dislike anything that's not some monotonously super-sugary snack. Well, maybe we can ask Pinkberry to serve some Twinkies and Coke to pander to the rest...

Anonymous said...

They need to come out with more fruity tangy flavors. We have a Pinkberry clone where I live, and they have pomegranate, blueberry, and mango (they rotate these, while keeping the standard plain and green tea), and those are really yummy.

I like this so much better than normal sweet frozen yogurt. If I want sweet, I'll go eat ice cream or gelato.

Anonymous said...

Pinkberry got rid of the coffee flavor and i am so mad! it was the only kind that i liked! i am very disapointed! the pomegranate kind tastes similar to the original! BRING THE COFFEE FLAVOR BACK!!!!

Sincerely, a former Pinkberry lover

Anonymous said...


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