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07 January, 2008

Krispy Kreme Now Trans-Fat Free

Krispy Kreme Trans-fat freeKrispy Kreme announced today that it has completed its transition to becoming trans-fat free. 100% of their menu is now politically correct.

The company has been slowly introducing trans-fat free doughnuts over the past several months.

In reality, the doughnuts are not really trans-fat free, rather they are "trans-fat free per serving", which is different. Under FDA guidelines, if a product has less than 0.5 grams of trans-fat per serving, then it can be rounded down to 0.0 grams on the labeling. But nonetheless, I'm sure they're more sophisticated than previous doughnuts.

The company claimed that it made this move because of demand from their closest fans...
Through the Friends of Krispy Kreme program, an online group of Krispy Kreme fans who receive special Krispy Kreme promotional offers and provide feedback on new Krispy Kreme products, the company knew that reducing trans fat from daily diets had been on their customers' minds. The initiative to transition the entire menu to zero grams trans fat demonstrates Krispy Kreme's commitment to its customers.
Awww, ain't that special?

But me thinks that there was something more to it than that.


Anonymous said...

I think the donughts contain too much sugar. Perhaps they need to create something with less sweet.

I noticed their store by my house is shut, it is possible that they are reducing their sales outlet.

Anonymous said...

This strikes me as yet another Orwellian example of twisting the English language for selfish purposes. Since when does 0.5 grams of trans fat become 'trans fat free'? Now the company trumpets "0 grams trans fat!" on its home page when it's actually 0.5 of a gram of the stuff that one expert called "sand in the body's clockwork"??

BLEAHH! (Bronx cheer for corporate weasels and their governmental enablers.)

Anonymous said...

Another Orwellian example of twisting the English language? How about one more that might have been overlooked.

So, now KK has switched to a "0 transfats per serving" recipe which means less than 0.5 grams of hydrogenated oil per serving, right? Umm, probably not...

Even the high end boutique doughnut shops in Beverly Hills that advertise they use no transfats still use plenty of hydrogenated oils, and I'll bet KK still uses them too. (Notice I said hydrogenated, not transfat.)

In mid-2004 the food industry began the changeover from what have now been dubbed "transfats" (*frowny face*) to another hydrogenated oil blend called interestified oils (IE) (*smiley face*) in which one fully hydrogenated molecule is chemically bonded to two unsaturated molecules to form a triglyceride. If it's fully hydrogenated then that's not considered a "transfat," and hence the *convenient* name change away from "hydrogenated."

At this rate, I suppose it will take only one hundred more years before our "independent media outlets" start informing us about the "potential health benefits" of the interestified versions of hydrogenated oils.

Interestified oils have already begun showing up on the labels of food products manufactured by your favorite multinational corporations! Look for them today!

Anonymous said...

We all should pressure the FDA to close this LOOPHOLE that allows companies like Little Debbie and Krispy Kreme to claim ZERO trans fat when it is NOT zero. They are allowed to LIE by the FDA. Everyone, please send an email to the FDA to demand them to close this loophole.

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