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03 January, 2008

Kazana Tonic Bars

It seems no matter how many new candy bars I come across, I continue to find some made from ingredients I've never heard of before.

Kazana Tonic Bars are made by a company called Komal Herbals, Inc. of Sewickley, PA. They make a product called, "Praas", which they describe as a tonic, but what appears to be more like a fruit jam.

Kazana Tonic Bars
The base of Praas is the Indian Gooseberry, which Komal Herbals says is dense with nutrients. The company then loads it up with more nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins, and sells it as a standalone jam, or uses it to make other products.

The Kazana Tonic Bars is made from this Praas, but with chunks of nuts and fruits thrown in.

The company makes five varities of Kazana Snack Bars, each with different spices and ingredients, "Chai", "Mango Coconut", "Pistachio", "Cocoa Chips", and "Cashew Curry".

I'm sure Komal Herbals will argue that this is not junk food but rather health food. I'm amused with their use of the word, "tonic bar" instead of "snack bar", or "candy bar". It's all the same thing. A Snickers bar contains antioxidants (in the chocolate), and protein in the peanuts. It's all about quantities, man.

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Lia on 2/06/2009 07:42:00 AM said...

Obviously you don't know much about health food, then. It is 80% raw - raw fruits and raw nuts are very very healthy for you - its natural sugars and natural fats, and full value of nutrients since it is not baked or cooked in any way. The spices and herbs are added bonuses, and it tastes so good and sweet because of the fruit. Yes, sugar is sugar, but you should have atleast 2 servings of fruit a day!!! There are tons of benefits, and the more raw you eat, the less you have to worry about whether what you are indulging in is really considered a "health bar" or a "candy bar". A snickers? C'mon. Added sugars, added chemicals, and completely processed. And yea - dark chocolate is good for you, but there's a lot of sat. fat so it's diff. That is one thing you probably don't want too much of.

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