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15 January, 2008

Honey Drop - Non-Sticky Honey

Honey Drop - HonibeIsland Abbey Foods Ltd, of Montague, Prince Edward Island, is asking people if they ever held a dollop of pure honey in their hand. Probably not, considering how sticky and messy it is.

So now they've come up with 100% pure honey, that you can hold in your hand, without the stickiness. They call it, "Honey Drop". I'm not sure what the "Honibe" brand name is about, but in any case, they've named it "Honey Drop".

The company claims that other competing products all have some kind of additive, sweetener, or binding agent to remove the stickiness. But meanwhile, Honey Drop contains no other additives, it's all honey, 100%.

Each drop is equivalent to one teaspoon (5gm) of pure honey. They don't actually tell you how they managed to make it non-sticky; I think they just dehydrated it under a controlled environment.

The Honey Drop comes in two flavors: pure honey and pure honey and lemon (so much for no additives!), and has a shelf life of one year.

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Todd on 2/04/2008 08:08:00 PM said...

"I'm not sure what the 'Honibe' brand name is about"

- Really? Honibe = Honey Bee - makes sense to me. :P

The product sounds like a really good idea - a nice alternative to packets of sugar or artificial sweetners.

Anonymous said...

the name "honibe" is meant like honey bee. just fyi

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