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11 January, 2008

Go Girl GLO - Hair Tonic Energy Drink

Go Girl GLOThe "Go Girl" energy drink brand, which targets itself to athletic women, now includes a new variety, "Go Girl Glo".

Produced by Nor-Cal Beverage Co. Inc. of West Sacramento, CA, it's colored in light pink-orange, and comes with a light, tropical and bit of raspberry flavor with a starfruit and pomegranate juice blend.

Claimed to have no artificial sweeteners, this beverage also includes 500mg of taurine, 75mg caffeine, calcium, vitamin E, B vitamins, iron, citrimax, coenzyme Q10, aloe, acetyl-cysteine and liquid sucrose.

The company touts the vitamin E and aloe vera to help skin tone and make your hair shiny.

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Anonymous said...

the advertising campaign for this product degrades the intelligence of women. The ad asks "why do you drink go girl", and the woman replies "because I'm a single mom". Ridiculous! That is not a reason to drink it, rather only demographic branding on the part of the company. The seller of the product denigrates the woman's mind by assuming a woman cannot think of a real reason to drink it but rather she only has a herd mentality and will drink it because supposedly other women with a similar demographic profile drink it.

This company is an affront to women's intelligence.

Anonymous said...

I think the person who posted before me is over-reacting. Everybody knows there are different ranges of intelligence for women and men too. What the ad is suggesting is that if you are a busy woman, it's helpful. No harm in that at all. If you don't agree, oh well, why would it even matter to you?

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