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09 January, 2008

EatRite BeFit - Candies

Sorbee International Limited, is launching a new line of sugar-free products called, "EatRite BeFit".

These consist of syrups, cookies, and chocolates, all sweetened with Splenda.

EatRite BeFit
I've always been amazed at how companies can market junk food and convince you that you're doing something good for yourself. Imagine your mom handing you a bag of sugar-free chocolate and saying "Here junior, now you're eating right, and being fit".

Not that I want them to stop, I find humor in it. I understand that sugar-free candies have fewer calories than sugar candies, and are tolerable to diabetics. They do have their place. But do we need to be told that we're "eating right and being fit"?

I can't help seeing Jack-in-the-Box removing the cheese from their cheeseburger and calling it a healthy alternative for lactose-intolerant people.

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