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11 January, 2008

Brain Toniq

Brain ToniqTrueToniqs of Longmont, CO, is marketing a new energy drink, which they describe as...

"world's first organic, botanical-based, non-caffeinated think drink specifically designed for those who need more mental focus and clarity"

Brain Toniq is said to have no chemical preservatives, caffeine, or sugar, just "effective herbs, natural compounds, and organic agave syrup". Its main ingredients are "eleuthero root extract (also known as Siberian ginseng), rhodiola root powder, wild-crafted blue green algae extract, DMAE and organic agave nectar."

Based on the ingredients, it sounds like it might taste so nasty, that it'll wake you up really fast.

Learn more about Brain Toniq at its website...


Scott on 1/20/2008 10:26:00 AM said...

Steve, thank you for the mention of our new organic think drink, Brain Toniq. We only came out this past November, 2007, so it's good to see the word is getting out.

Two corrections:
1. Brain Toniq isn't really an energy drink; there isn't any caffeine, taurine, or any other substance that increases heart rate, sweating, etc. Further, there isn't any processed sugars that spike the blood sugar and cause the classic rush/crash cycle found in energy drinks. Instead, Brain Toniq is a true cognition-increasing or focus beverage. It's the world's first true think drink. The profiles of each of the active ingredients are shown to help increase focus, memory, and concentration. It's a drink specifically designed for people who need to focus and get things done. The effects are felt within minutes. If you code, or make a living from your brain, it can be much more effective than a caffeinated drink. Also, we use only agave nectar for sweetness. Agave is has the lowest glycemic index of any other sweetener, so it digests very slowly and easily. There's no crash and burn. It's actually considered safe for diabetics.

2. Brain Toniq is actually quite tasty. There's no bitterness, even though we squeeze in over 1800 mgs of active ingredients (a huge amount). Its main taste is citrus. Agave nectar (same plant used to make tequila) is very light and mild.

We just handed out 8,000 cans of Brain Toniq at this year's 2008 MacWorld Expo. The main comment we got was how good it tastes. I think also people are impressed that it's 94% organic.

It's not easy coming into the marketplace with a true cognitive-enhancement drink where people are used to the Red Bull energy drink types. But for those who are at the point where they see it's time to stop feeding the mind junk, Brain Toniq can be a great addition.

We sell a sample 4-pack on our site, It comes with guarantee: if you don't like the taste, we'll refund your money.

Again, thanks for mentioning us on your blog, Steve. Call us and we'll send you a free sample. So you can see we're not fibbing about the taste :)

Scott Ohlgren
Forumulator and Owner, Brain Toniq

cybele on 1/20/2008 03:43:00 PM said...

Scott - uh, I'm not sure where you got the information that stimulants are energy. They're not. Calories are energy.

Anonymous said...

Athletes and athletic types are concerned with both types of energy - 1) Actual sugar that their muscles and other cells can use RIGHT NOW for their athletic activities 2) Mental "energy" which some call 'focus', 'motivation', etc. Most sedentary and semi-sedentary types of people that work a 40+ hour work week that sit there and think all day are usually concerned with that 2nd type of 'energy'. They already get enough calories to get them through the day.

*Disclaimer: I'm a sugar-free RedBull junkie, bicyclist, and surgeon. I haven't tried Brain Toniq but it's sitting in my refrigerator waiting till tomorrow (after the RedBull I drank today is out of my system) to try out Brain Toniq.

cybele on 2/04/2008 04:00:00 PM said...

Dr. Anonymous - you can call focus "energy" all you want, but that doesn't make it so.

Don't give your brain caffeine and tell it that it's the same thing as glucose.

The brain is 2% of the body by weight but consumes around 30% of the energy at rest.

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