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18 December, 2007

Wendy's New Stack Attack

Wendy's Stack AttackWendy's today announced the launch of their newest hamburger, the "Stack Attack", which puts an aggressive name on what's otherwise a diminuitive burger.

It's basically a double cheeseburger, with no added rabbit food, which could be a good thing for some people.

It's primary purpose for existence is its low price point, at just 99 cents, putting it squarely within Wendy's "Super Value Meal", for those consumers that want the same artergy-clogging performance as a full-blown Wendy's Hot-n-Juicy, but are trying to curb their appetite.


Mike L. said...

Id avoid it. The stack attack is really small. Go w/ bk or mcd's!

Buck on 1/03/2008 07:24:00 PM said...

I feel cheated. I entered the contest with the idea of the "lil wendy" baby double cheeseburger, which is IDENTICAL to the "new" "stack attack" double cheeseburger added to its 99 cent value menu. Is it a coincidence that the winner's first name, Ian, is the same as the Ian B. Rowden has been named Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

I first made this sandwich in 1989. It is amazing that my sandwich was introduced BEFORE the "winner" of the contest. Moreve, the "winner's" sandwich, the "Philly Hoagie Burger" has so many problems, lest I explain it to the management who stole my $25,000 prize.

Anonymous said...

yes, go elsewhere because they give you larger size portions

this is why the USA is fat.

Food Dude said...

This hamburger sucks, at least needs a dab of mustard and a pickle. Some onions would be nice, and its short a slice of cheese. "Stack Attack" will never fill the shoes of the Double Stack, and it's not a value if it does'nt taste good. Add 20 cents and make it a real burger.

Anonymous said...

You people realize that you can top the burger with any condiments that you like?

If you want onions, just ask. In fact, you can (for free) place every condiment that Wendy's has.

Heck, top it with ketchup, mustard, mayo, pickle, onion, tomato, mustard, or lettuce. It won't cost any more.

Anonymous said...

it's fucking perfect. it's not too small, it's just right. i order mine w/o ketch, just mayo. it's a good burger. the MD double tastes like a diseased sanitary pad in comparison.

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