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18 December, 2007

Miguel's Salted Plantain Strips

Miguel's Salted Plantain ChipsThe Miguel's brand of chips now includes these new Salted Plantain Chips.

Plantains are similar to bananas, but not as sweet or soft.

The concept of plantain chips are not new at all, being a favorite snack food in Caribbean cultures. My step-mother is Puerto Rican, and she's been known to slice up some plantains, fry them, and salt them. You can also find these in most Cuban and Puerto Rican cuisines.

Miguel's is just mass producing it for retail. I imagine other brands sell plantain chips, but out here in Southern California, I haven't seen them.

Plantains are kinda bland. I imagine people from the Caribbean love to eat them plain, but for me, they're like potatoes, where you need to spice them up, top them up, or use them as an ingredient.


Susu said...

I'd try them, but only because the bag says exotic on it. ;)

Tammra Akhimiona said...

I love the plantain strips. I grew up eatting plantains. I ran across them in a store one day and been hooked every since. They are a great alternative to potato chips. Kids like them, too.

Anonymous said...

We love honey and salted plantain strips but now that we are totally addicted to them and so are the children, our coop has stopped keeping them. Anyone know where I can buy boxes of them in store or online? There are 18 packs in a box.

Anonymous said...

Chifles sells them online

Anonymous said...

Miguel's plantain strips are wonderful! I'm gluten intolerant, and have multiple food allergies, and these are a good alternative to potato chips! I can eat a whole bag at one sitting...

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