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25 December, 2007

Falafel Chips

A company called Flamous Brands, Inc., based out of Pasadena, CA, is now marketing Falafel Chips, claiming to be the first chips made from falafel.

Falafel is made from chickpeas (garbanzo beans), combined with spices and grains, and then fried as patties, balls, sticks, or whatever your imagination comes up with. Finally, it's topped with hummus, or eggplant, or spicy sauces. People have been eating falafel for thousands of years.

Falafel ChipsThe company sent me a couple of bags of Falafel Chips for me to sample, hence this review.

I notice there is a "Since 1959" stamped on the bag, next to the name "Falafel Chips", so I'm guessing that while these are the first falafel-based chips, they've also been around for long time.

I have to say that Falafel Chips actually taste great. I didn't know what to expect, considering they're made from chickpeas, but when I ate one they taste very much like Doritos tortilla chips. That might be because Falafel Chips do include ground corn as an ingredient. But they do include chickpeas as an ingredient too, and there is a subtle difference in texture from Doritos chips. I don't think real falafel includes ground corn, but whether or not Falafel Chips is supposed to be real falafel is probably not the point. It's a chip that's meant to resemble falafel.

Falafel Chips are lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, and herbs; the seasoning is not overpowering. The cumin seasoning creates a taste and aroma that reminds me of walking into a Middle Eastern restaurant. They taste like they'd go well with a creamy dill dip. The company recommends a hummus dip, or a "babaghanogue", a roasted eggplant dip.

The chips are stamped as "USDA Organic", 100% vegan, and Kosher Parve. The company claims they're low in sodium, high in protein, and contains no trans fat, gluten, cholesterol, MSG, hydrogenated oil, GMO, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Overall, Falafel Chips are a welcome change from the onslaught of tortilla chips. Even though they taste similar to tortilla chips, they still have a subtle difference in texture, and the seasoning has a Middle Eastern flavor.

I don't know what stores you can buy these from, all I can do is direct you to Flamous Brands' website...



Wicked Good Dinner on 12/26/2007 07:06:00 PM said...

I was so excited to read your post - these sound great! The ingredients list looks pretty good, too. I can't tell if the expeller pressed oil is chemically treated or left alone though...I'm hoping, from all of the organic labels on the site that it's only expeller pressed and not also chemically treated :-)

Landy on 5/22/2008 05:18:00 PM said...

i am eating these right now and they are life changing.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, these are amazing. Best idea in awhile.

Anonymous said...

You should try Humbles Baked Hummus Chips from Good Health Natural Products- these chips are way better than the flafel chips, lower fat 3g vs flafel chips 6g. Flafel are more like a tortilla chip texture and Humbles are more like chips.

Aunt Melissa on 4/11/2009 03:47:00 PM said...

I tried my first bag of these chips just this week. They are delicious and quite satisfying, too. This particular bag was given to me by a friend, but I understand they are available for purchase at Whole Foods market. I'm going to pick some up soon.

mike on 9/18/2009 04:47:00 PM said...

nothing close to what the name implies.
give me a break guys. life changing?
you are eating Doritos. that's what it it is.
let the hype die down and eat one more and tell me its even close to tasting like its name implies "Falafel".

Anonymous said...

Delicious! I eat them with hummus all the time.

Anonymous said...

I love having these with tuna salad! They complement each other perfectly! Really good chips...especially the spicy ones!

~margo~ on 1/11/2012 05:46:00 PM said...

These are seriously wonderful! Not greasy like Tostitos and the flavor is exceptional being that they are not salt-loaded. Tried them as a side (some "crunch" with my salad) and dipped them into roasted eggplant Hummus...SUPER!

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