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03 December, 2007

Chocolate Flavored Imitation Crab

Chocolate flavored surimiA Lithuanian food maker named Viciunai, has launched a new treat called, "Sweets del Mare - Chocolate Flavoured Surimi".

Surimi is just a general term used to describe a wide assortment of fish cake products, most popular of which is imitation crab.

Note that this is not chocolate covered, just chocolate flavored. I'm not sure I can imagine the taste of imitation crab with chocolate. The next time I order a salad buffet at Sizzler's, I'll have to get some imitation crab, and douse it with fudge from their dessert bar.

Sweets del Mar is not available in the USA, and probably for good reason. Lithuanians, and other folks who live around the Baltic Sea, however, must really love their seafood.

Viciunai doesn't yet have this product on their website.


Anonymous said...

in Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia (children's book) Amelia was told to ice the fish her boss had caught (put them on ice) - she put chocolate icing on them instead.
But that was Amelia.
This is Lithuania.

Anonymous said...

this terrifies me.

Serin said...

I love crab! I love chocolate. No good can come of combining two individually delicious things into a train wreck.

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