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19 November, 2007

On the Border - Cantina Thins

On the Border Cantina ThinsDallas, TX-based Truco Enterprises, Inc., which makes the retail line of On The Border branded foods, has come out with a new variety of tortilla chip called, "Cantina Thins".

According to the company, the Cantina Thins involves a process of choosing select, whole-kernel white corn, and then cooking it in large kettles until tender. The softened corn is then stone ground into a fine proprietary blended masa, which is pressed into ultra-thin white corn tortillas. It's then lightly baked, and hand-cut into irregular triangles.

The whole concept of having "ultra thin" tortilla chips wasn't exactly explained to me. I tend to think that it's way to reduce fat and carbs while still maintaining the same shape and size of a standard chip.

I don't think it lends itself well to scooping out salsa and dip, however.

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Unknown on 11/26/2007 06:56:00 AM said...

I tried these thin On The Border chips and thought they scooped just fine - they are really light - similar to the ones in good Mexican restaurants.

Anonymous said...

I love them!!!! They taste awsome and I love the 0g trans/sat fat and the low sodium. I love a lighter chip and these are so good tasting I eat them without salsa most of the time. But when I do use salsa I put them on the chips with a little shredded cheese and pop in the microwave.. yummmmy!!

Anonymous said...

I have looked and looked for chips that were similar to the restaurant ones. These are the only ones I've found that comes close. They are great!

Anonymous said...

Love them just can't find then in stores.

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