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15 November, 2007

In-N-Out Burger - What's the Beef?

In-N-Out BurgerThose of us living in Southern California know about In-N-Out all too well, it's often described as the best burger in the world (or at least SoCal anways). The company, technically, has stores in Nevada and Arizona, and NoCal (yes, NoCal is another state altogether).

So are they indeed the best burgers in the world?

IMHO, they're right up there. I've been to a lot of burger joints, and have eaten a lot of burgers, and truthfully, I've found some really good burgers at other places. But In-N-Out is still a damn good burger.

And who can't love an In-N-Out restaurant anyways? Their menu is painfully simple:

  • Hamburger

  • Cheeseburger

  • Double Double (two patties, two cheese)

  • Fries

  • Milk Shake

Technically, the menu goes on and on under a "secret menu". If you want three patties and three cheese, tell then you want a "3x3". If you want 4 patties and eight cheeses, tell them "4x8". Simplicity and elegance in ordering.

My only "beef" with In-N-Out is that they're always so damn busy. It doesn't matter which location you go to. At lunch time, or dinner, there's a long line. When you're hungry, you don't like having to wait. And being a man of convenience and spontaniety, I end up forgoing In-N-Out for speedier digs.

In in the 1980's I used to go to the In-N-Out in Santa Ana, CA, on the corner of Bristol St and Civic Center Dr. At lunch time, the drive-thru would maintain a procession of 30 cars backed up a block down Bristol St for about an hour straight.

They're secret to success is fresh meat. They don't use frozen patties. Same with the french fries. They bring in whole potatoes, slice them right there on location, and fry 'em. I never cared much for their french fries however cause they're too skinny and crunchy. I like the fat, soft kind.

In-N-Out Double Double


Kevin on 11/16/2007 07:24:00 AM said...

Since I'm on the East Coast, I haven't had the In-N-Out experience, but I hear they are awesome! The burgers in that picture look absolutely amazing! Look at all that cheese!!

Anonymous said...

Having grown up in NoCal and now living in the South East, I sure do miss In-n-Out. All the yseem to have here is Carl's Jr...oops here it's Hardee's. BARFFFFF! But I do proudly display my In-n-Out bumper sticker...framed, of course.

Marta said...

I love In-N-Out!! i always get my food Animal Style

chuck said...

my first job was the very same in-n-out burger that you talk about in santa ana, ca. even though i hated flipping burgers, i still think in-n-out has the best burgers in the world. i worked there in the 70s and at the time they didn't use cash registers. everything had to be totaled in our heads. my last straw was a church bus that came through. now i live in new york city and there ain't nothin' like in-n-out. everytime i'm home i make sure i have a double-double with cheese and no onions. yum.

riesen2b on 6/08/2009 07:16:00 AM said...

In n Out is definitely my favorite burgers and fries on the west coast. Not only the quality and taste, but they have the best staff of any fast food joint in the nation as they pay their staff extremely well for a burger chain. I think that remaining family owned and not expanding nation wide has a lot to do with maintaining their quality. Had them for dinner last night.

Anonymous said...

I've only had In-N-Out burgers once, during a visit to Aliso Viejo a couple of years ago... they are absolutely the best burgers I've ever eaten, and I would believe they quite possibly could be the best burgers in the world.

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