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19 November, 2007

Ideas for Leftover Turkey

Enchiladas with chocolate mole sauceWhat do you do with all that leftover turkey you're gonna end up with this Friday?

Why, turn it into chocolate mole enchiladas of course! has a recipe for enchiladas with chocolate mole sauce. They warn you that it's not as chocolately-tomatoey as you might imagine. It's more mole and just enough chocolate...

You know, leftover turkey is actually great with flour tortillas and cheese, either rolled up like a burrito, or just folded up into a soft taco. Toss in some turkey pieces, add some shredded cheese, and nuke for 20-30 seconds.

Make it even better, get some canned green chiles, and a bottle of Tapatio or Cholula sauce. Toss that on there, it'll even better than the actual turkey dinner.

Also good are turkey stuffing omelettes. My mom used to make these during post-T-Day. Just add a couple spoonfuls of leftover stuffing, and some turkey pieces, cheese, and you've got yourself an omelette.


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