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20 November, 2007

Fast Food for Thought

60 minutes fast food for thoughtLast Sunday, 60 Minutes decided to take on the Fast Food industry by going back and forth between two bitter rivals: New York's health commissioner, Thomas Frieden, and Wendy's spokesperson Denny Lynch.

You can watch the full 12 minute video report here...

In between the arguments, reporter Leslie Stahl takes Subway to task, by showing all of America just how fattening their sub-sandwiches truly are.

What was not mentioned in this report, is that Americans have a choice: don't eat fast food.

Instead, Leslie Stahl made it appear as if Americans don't have a choice. Instead of saying that Americans can buy fresh food from the grocery store, she made it appear that we're forced to buy meals from fast-food.

And in fact, that's the basis of Thomas Frieden's crusade, the health commissioner from New York. He's pushing for a law that requires fast-food restaurants to show the caloric content of every possible food combination and customization that you might conceive of, and post it in the restaurant, on the actual Menu.

He's only requiring this of fast-food restaurants.

You can still order that full-rack of baby-back ribs, with a loaded baked potato, and cheese-bread, and not have to know how many years you've trimmed from your life span.

I guess it's ok if the rich die young.


sharyl on 10/07/2008 04:31:00 AM said...

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Katharina on 4/08/2009 12:13:00 PM said...

Check out this story on “The Worst Fast Foods.”

Josh on 2/01/2011 11:37:00 AM said...

I really found your article interesting how the government is making fast food chains post their caloric content on their menus now, whereas restaurants as you mentioned can serve full racks of ribs with baked potatoes and not need to show any sort of nutrient label. I also found it interesting how the reporter made it seem as though Americans do not have a choice as to what they eat. I actually have a blog called The Fast Food Diet which shows you the right types of fast food you can eat and still lose weight. Americans do have a choice, they just aren't making the right ones. Anyway, insightful post.

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