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12 November, 2007

Bacon Flavored Wheat Snacks

Peppies Bacon Flavored Wheat continues to import some great stuff into the USA, including these new "Peppies", described as bacon-flavored wheat snacks.

I guess maybe there are folks in Germany frying up big batches of bacon, breaking them up into pieces, and enjoying them as television snacks. Because if necessity is the mother of invention, then it explain why someone would create a healthier alternative.

I remember when I was a kid, I would sneak out my mom's canister of "Baco's", and eat up a handful. I just loved eating bacon.

But it sounds like a great idea, I mean frying up a big batch of bacon, and eating it as a TV snack, that is.

You can buy Peppies online from


Anonymous said...

Steeeveeee!!! Speck IS NOT Bacon!!! :D
Speck is simply healthy delicious pig ham flavoured and smoked in Sud Tirol lands on the border between north Italy and Austria (Carinzia region). IT IS SIMPLY FANTASTIC! But really...completely ok for your health!

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