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16 November, 2007

Ajitas Vege Chips

Ajitas Vege ChipsProduced in Australia by Vege Chip Co. and imported to the USA by Modern Marketing & Sales Group, the Ajitas Vege Chips tries to put a healthy new spin on old product.

The line of chips are actually made from the Cassava root, and Cassava chips are quite a staple in tropical regions of the world. Cassava is high in vitamin C, and the frying process of Ajitas chips make them low in fat and cholesterol.

What I'm particularly intrigued with is how they've leveraged the "healthy" factor by calling these "Vege Chips", as if potato chips and corn chips are not made from vegetables.

Varieties include...

Sweet & Sour
French Onion
Herb & Garlic
Lime Chilli
Tasty Cheese
Malt Vinegar

Visit Ajitas Vege Chips online...


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