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13 November, 2007

The 2008 Krystal Chik Calendar is Here!

Krystal Chik CalendarThe Krystal fast food chain announced recently that their 2008 "Krystal Chik" Calendar is now available, celebrating 75 years of fast-food service.

Krystal lays claim to being the 2nd oldest fast-food chain in the USA, second only White Castle's 80 years. Interestingly, both chains are known for their square-shaped hamburgers.

Their new 2008 calendar features cute college hotties that have made appearances on Krystal's television commercials, all of them claiming to love the fried Krystal yumminess.

And eating Krystal chow is something that the company has taken to a sport. It's known for their hamburger eating contests, being the only such contest sanctioned by Major League Eating, the world governing body of stomach sports.

To purchase a calendar, you have to visit a Krystal restaurant. They're only located in the southeastern states, however. Too bad for me, living out here in SoCal.

But if you want to just see the Krystal Chikies, you can go to their calendar website...


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