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22 October, 2007

Stix in the Mud

Funley's Stix in the MudStix in the Mud is the flagship product of Los Angeles, CA-based Funley's Delicious.

They describe them as a "sweet and salty clusters of savory cookie bits smothered in chocolate". Imagine tiny crunchy cookie bits, drowned in balls of chocolate, similar to like a Nestle Crunch, but in ball form.

The Original variety is actually made with a mixture of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The Peanut Butter and Caramel varieties are just milk chocolate.

The product's website says the creator of Stix in the Mud got the idea after walking into a puddle of mud and dropping a load of sticks. Doubt that it's true, but it works.

Stix in the Mud cannot be purchased online.

Visit Stix in the Mud website at...


Anonymous said...

i just discovered these at Joan's on Third in Los Angeles. i LOVE these new candies. they are unique. i crush them up into pieces and put them on my ice cream!

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are all that great. The chocolate is the cheap tasting waxy type. The caramel is the best, then original and I don't recommend the pb at all.

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