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18 October, 2007

Snack 'n Seal Packaging for Junk Food

Nabisco is now offering their Oreo Cookies in this new "Snack 'n Seal" packaging.

Oreo Cookies Snack n Seal packaging
Once used largely for moist-towelettes, this type of resealable packaging is making its way into the snack food industry. It'll probably work out great for junk stuff like Oreos that don't have to be sealed and refrigerated.


Anonymous said...

I had a bag of these earlier in the month. Some of the Oreos are hidden under the edges, which is annoying, but it's a lot easier to deal with than twisting, folding, and clipping the old style.

Anonymous said...

I opened a bag and several cookies were missing. Someone probably helped themselves at the store.

Anonymous said...

I miss the old Chips Ahoy wrapper. THe kind that existed when you had to clip, roll, snap and seal. Those were good times. These kids are spoiled with their fresh cookies and rap music.

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