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30 October, 2007

Real Buffalo Peanuts

Real Buffalo PeanutsJust as the name implies, "Real Buffalo Peanuts" are peanuts made from real Buffaloes.

Ok, no, they're peanuts seasoned with "Buffalo Wing" spices. But, when I saw the name "Real Buffalo Peanuts" the first thing that entered my mind were Rocky Mountain Oysters, or some kind of new derivative from another part of the country.

The spicy snack food is the creation of Nuts Are Good! Inc. of Warren, Michigan.

They've been around for over a year now.

The company actually specializes in a wide assortment of odd peanuts seasonings, including...

  • Vanilla Rum Peanuts

  • Margarita Peanuts

  • Pina Colada Peanuts

  • Apple Cinnamon Peanuts

  • Raspberry Peanuts

  • Coconut Peanuts

But according to the company, Real Buffalo Peanuts is their all time best seller.

You can buy them online from company at...


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