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09 October, 2007

Pork Rinds - Pig Skins

Pork rindsPork rinds, otherwise known as "pig skins" by my mother, and "chicharones" by my Mexican friends, is a misunderstood form of junk food Americana.

I've always found it to be more like a "real man's" version of rice cakes, but with a greasy aftertaste. My wife detests it, mainly because she detests anything she has yet to try. I've run into other people who think it's borderline psychotic to eat pig skin. I've never understood this.

My mom liked to sprinkle chili powder on her pig skins, and my Mexican friends always dabbed them with some drops of Tapatio.

Each bag came with a variety of pig skins; some were light and fluffy, perhaps like they were meant to be. Others were harder, more compact, and more greasier. I always preferred these because they had more flavor.

When I was a kid, they always came in plain flavor. These days, you can get them pre-sprinkled with chili-powder, or with nacho-cheese flavor, and sugar-cinnamon.

I knew people who ate them the same way other folks would eat crackers, by stacking other stuff on 'em. They'd take a light and fluffy piece of pork rind, and place pieces of lunch meat, cheese, chip dip, or pepperonis.

I liked to prepare a bowl of chili-and-cheese, by mixing a can of chili with a chunk of Velveeta, or that nacho cheese sauce, adding a few drops of Tabasco, and microwaving it. Then you dunk your pork rind into it, scoop out a big helping of chili-cheese, and eat it. Then you wash it down with a beer.

Now you're ready to watch football!


Three Repute on 10/09/2007 10:19:00 PM said...

in cajun culture, they are called cracklins.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Queens and we called them "chicharrones", which is a rather generic term for deep-fried animal part.

Anonymous said...

I love them but only as an occasional item. I've never tried them with anything except with bean dip. Eating them with the chili cheese dip you mentioned sounds SO good.

Anonymous said...

Pork rinds aka pig skins aka chicharrones, all the same thing. However, commercially as a mass commercially available snack food, there is a BIG difference between pork rinds/pig skins and chicharrones. Pork rinds also sold as pig skins are thin pieces of skin that is fried into this fluffed out "skin cracker/chip" and chicharrones while the same thing, usually will have "meat" attached to them as a rule, not an exception. So you see the very light colored fried skin and then a much darker squarish piece of "meat" attached to it.
Pork rinds and pig skins are found in the snack food aisle with chips and the chicharrones are found usually in the meat section in those shrink wrapped foam flat containers.
And you want something really good, try adding them to your chili recipe or you can use them traditionally in a pot of beans. They add good flavor, and the ones with the "meat" attached really are amazing too added to both.

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