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18 October, 2007

Jeff Foxworthy Branded Beef Jerky

Monogram Meat Snacks is offering a new line of Jeffy Foxworthy Meat Jerky.

The varieties are:
  • Original Beef Jerky
  • Peppered Beef Jerky
  • Teriyaki Beef Jerky
  • Maple Brown Sugar Ham Jerky
They come in 4 oz. (113g) pouches with a reassuring photo of Jeff Foxworthy telling folks it has "Big tender taste."

Made in the USA. Official website.


Anonymous said...

I bought the Maple Brown Sugar Ham Jerky about 2 months ago just to try something different. It was definitely diferent, but way too sickeningly sweet. I threw out the bag after I was unable to get through even half of it in 2 weeks.

Unknown on 10/29/2007 01:46:00 PM said...

I like the ham jerky but, finding it hard to locate here in Pasadena ca.

cvinzant on 11/26/2007 03:05:00 PM said...

We were totally tempted by the novelty jerky on a roadtrip, but even our dog Jolly refuses to eat it.

Anonymous said...

For all of those interested, Jeff Foxworthy Jerky can be found at:

That site has the Ham Maple/Brown Sugar as well.


Monsoon Matriarch on 8/23/2010 10:56:00 PM said...

We love this stuff. I keep some hidden from my husband so I will have it when I need it to cook. I chopup a few strips and throw them in to the bean pot or into split pea soup. Sure beats having to keep chunks of ham in the freezer...

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