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22 October, 2007

Famous Dave's Beef Jerky

Famous Dave's Beef JerkyFamous Dave's, well known for his line of BBQ sauces and marinades, has apparently gotten into the beef jerky business.

The Eden Prarie, MN-based manufacturer offers up three varieties...

  • Original Recipe - seasoned with Famous Dave's steak and burger seasoning

  • Apricot and Bourbon - which I assume is based on the marinade of the same name (describned as a blend of sweet apricots with chipotle peppers for heat and finished with a hint of bourbon for an amazing flavor experience)

  • Pork Jerky Seasoned with Rib Rub - which is probably like eating tough pork ribs, but without the bones

Defintely going to have to try the Pork Jerky and the Apricot and Bourbon.

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Visit Famous Dave's online at...


Anonymous said...

I love the beef jerky. I like it nice and chewy, not soft. Very nice flavor. the Apricot/Bourbon has a bite, good also.

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