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22 October, 2007

Eating Right Potato Crisps

Eating Right potato crispsYou have to question a brand name called "Eating Right" when used with snack foods.

Of course, these aren't potato chips, they're "potato crisps", but since when does that change anything?

Look Ma! I'm Eating Right! It's ok now!

The "Eating Right" label is a brand name of Safeway grocery stores. They're supposed to be low in fat so that you can inhale two bags of crisps and still the get the same fat absorbtion as a single bag of chips.

And the flavor varieties of BBQ, Cheddar, and Wasabi will keep your palate entertained.


Anonymous said...

where can I get these in OKLAHOMA ?They are great had some in California recently .

llh on 7/04/2008 01:23:00 PM said...

I thought these chips were good, but had too much cheddary taste. They would be very good plain with a little salsa.

Anonymous said...

these are so yum!

Anonymous said...

I *love* these! The BBQ ones are my fave. Chips are my WEAKNESS...this doesn't involve NEARLY as much guilt!

Anonymous said...

The Wasabi is by far the best flavor....but I wouldn't eat the whole bag and call it good.

They also have a Salsa flavor too that is pretty good.

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