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22 October, 2007

Domino's Crispy Melt Pizza

Domino's today announced the launch of their latest pizza, the "Crispy Melt Pizza".

It's basically two thin and crispy crusts with melted provolone and cheddar, pizza sauce and toppings in between.

Dominos crispy melt pizza
Think of it as an Italian quesadilla.

Beginning today, you can get a medium, one-topping Crispy Melt Pizza for $9.99.


docholly on 10/27/2007 03:21:00 PM said...

thanks for posting that. We had to google to find a description since dominos didn't have one on their site.

bigboy6 said...

hahahaha, same here

Mikey said...

lolol me too!

Anonymous said...

Here's my personal review of it.

After the late breaking news yesterday, I went to the website to see if it was true and there it was on the front page. Yes, definately under the radar. I have not seen an ad for it yet, but wait until this Sunday. Domino's has a nice game plan on this one: round up as many managers and drivers as possible while stocking the shelves with this product, and then hammer the NFL viewers Sunday with commercials and prepare to be slammed on Sunday and into the next month or so.

I was in Mechanicsville last night and saw a Domino's in a tiny shopping center and pulled in there and saw the advertisement and picture on the door. The location was right near Lee-Davis High and a couple of the students were working the joint. My first question when i came in was "Is it just like the Doublemelt?" The twit said, "you mean the Crispy Melt?" She READ her take right off the description and had no passion about it. That really upset me. I asked about the one topping medium deal and she said it was cheaper to get a large one topping (just under $10.00 with tax).

So, I got the pepperoni. The two employees were lifeless and probably were trying to hide the entushiasm of the C-Melt and keep me from spreading the word too fast.

The C-Melt is constructed differently from the D-Melt. With the D-Melt, it was one layer of thin crust with that cheese sauce on top, then another thin crust layer on top of that, which was topped with maybe some mozz and whatever topping(s) you got.

The C-Melt starts with the same thin crust and then they put very light amount of sauce on it, with mozz and cheddar sprinkled on that followed by the pepperoni. Then, the next thin crust layer goes on top and then they put some more mozz and cheddar (but no sauce) on top. This is an odd construction because 1) the top doesn't have great presentation 2) the pepperonis are buried underneath and therefore do not cook, kind of like when they are inside a stromboli.

THerein lies my issue with this pie- If you call it a "Crispy Melt," then you damn well better make sure that every ingredient that is susposed to be "crispy" gets "crispy" This would be the crust and then pepperoni (or ham, or bacon).

Another subtraction of points is that the C-Melt doesn't quite have the Doublemelt payoff. You know, that moment when you are distracted by how epic everything looks on top and then you bite into it and get that tangy flavor of whatever that sauce was on the D-Melt. Since it is just a blend of two shredded cheeses, it's a familiar taste. Still, when hot enough, it still has an epic quality in how it oozes between the two layers of crust. They cut it diagonally instead of in squares, just like the did the D-Melt. Dunking the crust in buttermilk ranch is necessary as well.

Check and see if you can get the 1 topping large for under 10 bucks. If you can, you'll find that eating half the pie is more than enough. If you try to eat the entire large pie, you'll probably get sick. So, it's a good deal because you can eat the rest the next night or just eat a cold slice or two for breakfast over the next 2-3 days.

It is better or as good as the DoubleMelt? No.
Could it pave the way for a D-Melt return? Absolutely.
Is it the best specialty pie they've come out with since the D-Melt? I'd say right now it is tied with the Philly Cheesesteak pie. But after a couple more outings, I may rank it higher.

Overall rating after one try: 7 out of 10.

Nunya on 11/02/2007 03:26:00 PM said...

It had an under-cooked bottom crust and an over-cooked top crust. Almost non-existant sauce and cheese on the inside and very little, but over cooked cheese on the top. It was awful and I will never be buying it again.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was very good. I ordered another one today.

Anonymous said...

I just had 5 slices of this and it ROCKS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

>>thanks for posting that. We had to google to find a description since dominos didn't have one on their site.

me too, thanks!

SweetJeanne said...

Me, me too, too!

Anonymous said...

"The two employees were lifeless and probably were trying to hide the entushiasm of the C-Melt and keep me from spreading the word too fast. "

Yes. That is exactly what they were doing. I know when I was 17 and worked in a Dominos, I *really cared* about all our products with a *passion*. Oh wait, no, no I didn't, because I was 17 and working in a dominos. Are you kidding me with this!?!?

Anonymous said...

Not the least bit informative...somewhat biased...and ultimately sophmoric.

Jason on 11/13/2007 03:14:00 PM said...

"I *really cared* about all our products with a *passion*. Oh wait, no, no I didn't, because I was 17 and working in a dominos. Are you kidding me with this!?!?"

Umm yeah. I think that was called sarcasm. I can't believe that you have to explain that sometimes. Sigh.

Anyway. I'm torn between this or the Pizza Hut Stuffed crust with *Even more* cheese. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

This pizza is nasty, not to mention don't even think about odering the oreo dessert pizza, the pictures are nothing like you get, it's dry and the cheesy part on top, isn't there!!!

Anonymous said...

i just ordered one of these "crispymelt" pizza's and i must say.....EWWWW!!! i was really sad too!! i saw a commercial for it and it looked so great...and then, i opened the box, and thought, what the hell is this! two oversized burnt crackers with some dried out cheese and sauce in it?!?!? VERY VERY DISAPOINTED!! and then to top it all total satisfaction was not even close to being guaranteed...i called to complain about my lack of love for this pizza and they wouldnt even give me my money back!!! i even offered to bring the nasty excuse for a pizza back to them..and they still said no..... pretty sure i WONT be eating that crap again.

Anonymous said...

this was the best pizza i ever had. people who diss it either got it from a crappy dominos, or they dont know pizza

Anonymous said...

"This pizza is nasty, not to mention don't even think about odering the oreo dessert pizza, the pictures are nothing like you get, it's dry and the cheesy part on top, isn't there!!!"

Did you just say you thought there was going to be cheese on the oreo pizza? If you thought they were going to put cheese on oreos why on earth would you buy it? It makes me want to vomit thinking about it.

Theres not supposed to be cheese on the oreo pizza, its a white frosting.

Anonymous said...

Horrible horrible pizza or horrible Dominos that we ordered from. Very little cheese inside and, as was stated before, scant overcooked cheese on top. Sauce has a good flavor but that is the only positive thing I can say. I remember Pizza Hut trying a version of this YEARS ago (double crust). That was much better and still didn't do well.

Justin said...

Just ordered for delivery. I couldn't find it anywhere on the website, but there was a decent description on the intro call message to Domino's. The attendant also did a great job with explaining the exact layers and how it went together.

Pretty good pizza. I enjoyed it, and will probably order it again in the future.

For future reference, the boneless buffalo kickers seriously need less gristle in them. So far the best chicken fingers I have ordered have come from Papa John's, but Dominos has the best ranch sauce that I have ever had.

Anonymous said...

you're crazy. the crispy melt is damn good.

Anonymous said...

The pizza is now my favorite. I'm angry cause i don't think they sell it anymore right now. But damn was it good. I ordered it over 6 times when it was out all the times it was better then the last. So the people that didn't like it, stink! Cause this was the best pizza i have ever had!

Dy said...

Im eating one right now... I gota say im rather dissapointed. Nothing like the picture, wich nothing ever is but I understand what they mean my friggn brown burnt top. Im sure if you find a place who actualy trys to make good pizzas you could have a great one, but since most places wont... good luck. Anyways... If you do get this, also get some ranch as someone said previous.... the box the pizza comes in tastes better then the crust, you need to drown it in ranch.

Anonymous said...

sorry everybody (maybe not if you didnt like it) but Dominos and the crispy melt have officially broken up. the local stores will assure you that it is no longer available.
no longer on the menu or offered. the dominos web site has further proved that the divorce is now complete as the is no mention of it's existance. Yes, the break up must have been a bad one as you can still smell the remnants of the last of Crispy melt's t-shirts being burt in the garage, along with the rest of the photos from that now regretful "Christmas vacation".
The irony in all this is that they are pretty much doing this for all of those Here who hated this meal with such distane, Why else would a company discontinue an item that uses no different ingredients than anything else on the menu. it literally cost them nothing to keep it around - but you guys must have had such an impact on them that they were afraid to lose you as customers simply because you hated this pizza so much. you say "jump" and Dominos says "how high?"
if only you'd known your power earlier you could have used it for good and not for evil, but that's your burden, your gift, your curse. See you around.

Rachel said...

Enjoy it while they have it. I thought it was the best pizza EVER, but I just called today and they don't have it anymore.

Darko on 1/26/2008 11:16:00 PM said...

Like many posts here -- I found this blog because the Dominos website didn't explain what the Crispy Melt was on their order page. In fact, the whole order-process online is surprisingly stark, bare, antiseptic even -- knowing that folks using those pages are hungry and psyched to have food delivered, the lack of images & short descriptions of their products is a big miss.

But I'm writing cuz this is my first time getting Dominos since college (11 years ago, sh*t!), and have to say it was awesome. It was easy to order, the fact that you could designate what half of the pie had what on it, all real fun.

And the Thin Crust we had was pretty damn good. Cheese Bread too, frikkin great. Just made us real happy. Came in 14 minutes to boot. We were impressed and will order again.

Anonymous said...

Every single time I've orded this pizza it's been top par. I've probably ordered this 20+ times too. It's hard going back to the other pizzas after this... ha. This is by far my most favorite Dominos special so far. I hope they keep it around for many years to come (I can only hope).

Anonymous said...

I should have listened to the negative comments about the crispy melt but i figured i'd give it a try anyway. Wow did it suck. It was like reheated burnt pizza. Wish I could get my money back.

Anonymous said...

why don't they say what it is on their site? Logic told me it would be like the doublemelt. Glad I looked it up on the yahoo search engine here and found this site.
This pizza is decent. Probably the most filling pizza ever...which makes it a way good deal. What do they put in there? Super compressed fiber or somthing? Surley this is the key to weight loss. I'm joking. Ha. Ha. But Try it, maybe then they will talk about it instead of treating it as some dirty backwoods secret thats there,.... but not really there... is it? hmm

Anonymous said...

damn it. its been a year and i still miss this pizza. BRING it back DOMINOS!!!!

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