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18 October, 2007

Beef Sausage Snack Bites

bite-sized beef sausageThese bite-sized beef sausage snacks are quickly becoming my blog meat of choice.

For years, I've relied mainly on beef jerky, but I really like these sausage snacks. I guess it's because it offers my palate a change to my snacking habits. I think another reason why these are so good is because they're cold right out of the refigerator, whereas jerky is room temperature.

Like beef jerky, they're low in carbohydrates, almost nil in fact. But these are much higher in fat, whereas jerky is low in fat and carbs.

The nutrition facts says there are 8 servings in one bag, and each serving contains 9g of fat. I'll eat an entire bag in one day.

But most of time, I'm able to offset some of the fat intake by popping 8-10 of these bite-sized morsels to my dogs, who wait patiently in my office for a handout.


Anonymous said...

If you like them, you should try Jack Link's Deli Cuts. They taste even better..

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