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18 September, 2007

Sumseeds Offers Three New Flavors

Sumseeds sunflower seedsDakota Valley Products, Inc. announced the release of three new flavors to its line of energy infused sunflower seeds.

The new flavors are, Dill Pickle, Honey BBQ and Salt and Pepper.

Original Sumseeds were first bagged in January, 2007 and created a public relations sensation as the industry's first nut confection infused with the energy components of caffeine, lysine, taurine and ginseng. Read our original article on Strange New Products.

"Our customers can expect two things from Sumseeds," said Tim Walter, President of Dakota Valley Products. "One, energy. Two, excellent taste, seed after seed. Now with our new flavors, our customers expect great taste from shell to nut. We're happy to say, our new flavors are right on target!"

Currently, the new flavors of Sumseeds are available in a new 1.75oz personal size bag. The original flavor is available in both the legacy 3.5oz size and the new 1.75oz size.

Sumseeds are distributed nationwide at convenience stores.

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