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25 September, 2007

Ritz Bits Soccer Cheese

Ritz Bits Soccer CheeseThe newest entry to the Ritz Bits line of cracker sandwiches is this "Soccer Cheese"

The crackers have a soccer ball pattern molded on.

The box says that they're made with real cheese, but a quick glance at the ingredients found no "real cheese", only "Cheddar Cheese Powder". I dunno, if you threw down some cheese powder in front of a kid, I doubt he'd call it cheese.

Ritz Bits Soccer Cheese is also healthier than standard Ritz Bits, because the box says that they contain 5g of whole grain, and have 33 percent less fat.

Interestingly, it also says its the official cracker of Major League Soccer (MLS). I wonder if David Beckham has to eat these then?

The retail price is $3.00. Coming to a store near you.


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