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27 September, 2007

PranaBar - Energy Bars

PranaBars are claimed to be the first goji & acai energy bars.

Made by Divine Foods Inc. of Escondido, CA, they come in some unusual and not-so-unusual varieties...

  • Apricot Goji

  • Apricot Pumpkin

  • Cashew Almond

  • Cinnamon Apple

  • Conocut Acai

  • Pear Ginseng

The company says that the ingredients in these bars are 100% raw, except for the nuts, which are slow roasted to "denature the enzyme inhibitors to avoid stress to your digestive system".

You can purchase them online from the company's website...


Anonymous said...

I like the PranaBar Cinnamon Apple variety. It seems to have less effect on glucose level than other bars with similar carbs. There is no tiredness or exhaustion associated with preservatives. I eat just a little bit at a time, ideally taking a day for a bar or two.

For me, the PranaBar replaces the LaraBar Apple Pie. That bar was good, but now produces pain in the mouth after eating for a while. I am wondering if they have started adding preservatives.


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